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In regards to the ZIKA epidemic, the findings at (Citizens Against Naled), completely debunk the following statement: 


" ... the CDC has concluded, that Zika does cause microcephaly. … There is still a lot that we don’t know, but there’s no longer any doubt." - CDC director Tom Frieden, MD full article. 

Paranoia Magazine

At 5 a.m. the crop duster buzzed over Miami as I lie in bed. Life dramatically changed after that. What was that smell? Why were my eyes red? Why was my chest now suddenly irritated? Soon after, I started spotting dead birds on the side of the road. A friend told me her Angel Fish died; another one in the tank developed a strange growth.

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The Power Hour 

Listen to Ian talk environmental toxins, politics and corporate corruption with host of the Power Hour, Joyce Riley. 

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Whilst living in Hilton Head, S. Carolina, and working tv/film projects in Atlanta for VHI and independent student films at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Ian befriended the former manager of James Brown - Augusta, GA / Aiken, SC.  Having been approached by the gentleman to make a made-for-tv documentary about the life of James and use his Savannah recording studio and other band members - to make a more thorough and accurate story on the life of this incredibly talented musician, Ian decided to bring in a publisher and turn the documentary into a book.  This coincided with the inaccurate portrayal of James through the movie starring Chadwick Boseman, Get On Up.  Controversially produced by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.  Ian brokered this project by uniting publisher and co-author.  The book went on a multi-month national tour in the US.  My Father, the Godfather.  Find it here on Amazon

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