BACK-STORY:  I set-out on this project September of 2016.  At the time, South Florida was being "bitten" by a "Zika" threat.  A good friend of mine in South Beach asked me to attend a City Council meeting in Miami Beach.  The discussion addressed the merit of a controversy I was yet privy to:  the County (Miami-Dade) chosen pesticide to combat the virus (ZIKA) threat.  At that meeting my eyes astonishingly unlocked.  I witnessed a Mayor and his 6 City Commissioners motion incoherent to the screams of 300 irate citizens.  I watched as the screams, many of mothers, went completely mute by the ears of these city servants.  Counseled by his City-Attorney (constantly relaying messages to him via, what looked like, cell-phone text) and being "puppeteered" by the words being handed down by the CDC (LIVE on telephone), the Florida Governor and the County Commissioner (in-person), I watched as all but one of these public servants gave heed to the cry of the citizens.  I spent the next 3 months diligently searching for justification to both arguments.  What I discovered more than disgusted.  The connections I have made from this incredibly un-democratic process, that day, lights a very concerning path.  This is the road I blaze, for...  we, the people. 

what is being said

"Very few (people) make me comfortable during conversation; something you did very well. Rense is darned good at it, but I've been doing interviews with him for twenty years..."

"Thank you for permitting me to be on your show.  Great questions."

"Ian, you're a good man."

"Thank you Sir!!  It was a pleasure talking to you and your audience."

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