The report published to the right (video) is what set off the investigation for Ian.  It was Fall 2016.  The information Trottier had gathered over the course of the next 3 months, as read here in his article published Dec. 18, 2016 via, in conjunction with a speech by former Stanford Hoover Fellow, Antony Sutton, given in Miami Beach in 1972;  led him to develop the weekly radio program on WynwoodRadio.  Since Trottier's inaugural broadcast January 4, 2017, Ian's drive to direct fellow American's to push the envelope and ask questions, has been relentless.  

Purpose: investigate, enlighten, educate and talk about controversial topics of national and international importance to uproot corruption and wrong-doing in politics, banking and big corporations.  The thread Ian connected (view above video), left him astonished .... and he believes you'll find so, too.

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Aug 6:

1890 - First execution by electric chair - Auburn, New York

1945 - USAAF dropped atomic bomb - Hiroshima, Japan

1976 - Birth - Oakland, CA

1991 - WWW released by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN - Geneve, Switzerland

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