So - DIABETES.  Could there be a Cure for Diabetes? 

My partner at has some alarming research. What he's discovering could quite possibly become revolutionary and ground-breaking. 

As mentioned in last week's show, he's currently working with a friend of his son who, like his son, also has type-1 diabetes.   The boy has had it for 3 years.  The school contacted the parent about 2 months ago and told her about what Chem-tox was doing and the mother agreed to meet.  The home presented a number of problematic factors. They had plug in air fresheners in the walls (phthalates) - used fragrance detergents and Clorox on bed sheets - she used Clorox on the floors once a week - and did many other things that were linked to diabetes from the research presented at Chem-tox.  Half of the "chemical" problems in the home were changed.  

Here's what's interesting - the best way to tell how much pancreas damage a child with type 1 diabetes has is to look at how much insulin they take at night and see what their blood sugar is in the morning.  The goal is to get it to 100 when they wake up.  If it is 120 when they wake up then we give more insulin at night - if it is 90 or 80 when they wake up we need to give less insulin as this shows the pancreas is producing insulin on their own (which makes it lower).  

So, Chem-tox started working with the boy 2 months ago.  he took 24 units of insulin at night and would wake up with his sugar at around 100 (which is good).    Now, after his mom agreed to get rid of the plug-ins, and chemical detergents - and clorox his morning blood sugar levels were now dropping to 80 and 90 after a week.  This is too low for the morning so we dropped his nighttime insulin down to 22 units and his morning levels were now around 100 (which is good) - but then a few weeks after that he his morning sugar levels were again getting down to 80 and 90 we we again dropped his nighttime insulin down to 20 units - You an now see where this is going... About 2 weeks ago we had to cut him down to 19 units and then 3 days ago we had to cut up down again to 18 units.  In other words he has had a 25% improvement in pancreas beta-cell insulin output in just a few months.  This is completely opposite of what normally happens to children who have had diabetes for 3 years, they should be getting worse - not better.   Good organic food was also bought for the boy.  He is from a very low income family who lives in a small public housing unit and they buy nothing but canned food which contains the well-known diabetes promoting chemical liner BPA.  An organic food only diet will soon be implemented, thereby removing the chemical DDE which has a bunch of studies showing cause of diabetes.  

Pancreas Beta-Cells Do Grow Back
All of this is backed up by the research we have showing these chemicals without any doubt whatsoever cause an autoimmune reaction on the pancreas which destroys beta cells faster.  What's very exciting is scientists have now proven beta-cells can and do grow back - It happens to all of us all the time, but children it is even faster.  The reason why my son Alan and his friend got diabetes is that there was an event or many events that caused so much autoimmune problems that even the new growing beta cells were being destroyed before they could reach maturity. So, we are seeing that by lowering the autoimmune problem that beta-cells can have a net gain of more than the number being killed.  For example, before, maybe 1000 new cells were being grown per day but 1,100 per day were being destroyed - but now, since we are lowering the autoimmune causes, maybe only 500 are being destroyed per day, but we are still growing 1000 new beta-cells so we end up with a net gain of 500 per day.  

How We Win
Think about this - if Chem-tox is right, and it looks like they are, from all medical studies they've uncovered and correlated on topic of beta-cell regeneration, it is VERY plausible that these kids be completely cured of type-1.  If that can be done a media explosion will ensue and people will then have a way they can prevent diabetes - but to do that they must eat 100% organic - avoid all chemicals in food - stop spraying inside the house for bugs - stop the mosquito spraying - etc, etc, etc.  In other words, Chem-tox could be on to something VERY BIG here. 




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