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by Dr Toni Bark of the Center for Disease Prevention, Evanston, Ill. She has testified to Senate about the safety of vaccines. We will talk vaccines, diabetes and disease prevention. Today we will be joined by the amazing theologies and numerologist, Michael Brill. He has been on Fox and Pbs. He interprets life through numbers. For instance, "Numbers measure the vibrational frequency of thoughts".  So, we'll hear more from him in about an 30m.  If you weren't able to join us last week, please see all past broadcasts at or here under the Florida: Sun and Spray page at  Last week we were joined by the amazing Larry Twersky.  he's the CEO of TimerCAP LLC.  And our discussion included some amazing advances and directions in the medication field.           Should you like to call in to the show and time permits, your call in number is: 305.456.5895.  So, as each week, I concentrate on pollutants in our environment.  If you've listened to me before I've focused on our vanishing bee population. I also try to thread a needle for you so you can pin down corruption correlation to the United States Federal Reserve. BUT, most importantly we take peer reviewed science and data and look at what's happening to our immune systems as result of the continued permission of the chemical emissions of these toxins into our environment. Our air, our land, our homes, our water. Our lives.  Diabetes, from what I can see and from what my partner at has discovered, is the most threatening epidemic that we are facing. Look, we know that drug stores dot our neighborhoods. It's not hard to find a local Walgreens or CVC.  This is no coincide folks. Totally be design so that you (we) can be herd like sheep.  Want a extinct bee population? You'll get GMO foods. Eat GMO foods you become a genetically modified human being.  That doesn't paint a picture I want any part of.  BEES are critical pollinators: they pollinate 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world. Honey bees are responsible for $30 billion a year in crops. That's only the start. We may lose all the plants that bees pollinate, all of the animals that eat those plants and so on up the food chain. If we don't start saving our bees lives.  So, let's visit like I like to visit each week:  diabetes.  I have mentioned two kids up in NC before. They are working w my research partner.  He has increased organic food intake and removed various toxins from their home environment.  One is his son. The other is his son's very good friend. Both have Type 1 diabetes.  His conclusion by changing diet and removing various toxins and chemicals from living environment, so far,  leads him to the following:  Quote: "After 3-4 weeks the children will be nearly 50% recovered from diabetes (shown by a 50% reduced need for insulin) and then after 2-3 months - we should be able to achieve a nearly a 100% cure rate for the majority of children under age 15.  And what's really exciting is these same strategies appear to work with adults with type-2 diabetes as well.  He and I are currently working on setting up a 501c3 non-profit campaign to help this research proceed and ultimate change children's lives.   He goes on to say: "Imagine a 5 year old child who has had to endure painful shots 3 times a day and no longer needing this.  And what's funny about this is it is all so logical - if we stop the autoimmune process causing diabetes (by removing the petroleum sources of pesticides, phthalates, BPA, simultaneiously, that cause the antibody attack on the pancreas) - integrity of body systems involved are restored and we then reduce antibody destruction of the child's pancreas.  When we get to that point, the pancreas can then literally grow back more beta-cells than are being destroyed each day - we just tilt the see-saw the other way.   Diet is tantamount here.  With that point of attack, he is seeing some increĆ­ble imporovments in the diabetes of these two children. He plans to expand the subject pool to a much larger study.  All research on pancreas beta-cell regeneration shows it is an ongoing process in children and adults (just like we are always growing new immune system cells).  The only problem is that for a child with diabetes, their immune system destroys more beta-cells daily than can be regenerated daily.  We change the balance by allowing more beta-cells to be regenerated each day than are being destroyed so now we have a net gain each day instead of a net loss.  So, as the immune system and thymus begin to recover the child is now only losing 700 beta cells per day - but, we are growing 1000 new beta-cells daily - for a net gain of 300 daily. He says that this is exactly what is being seen in his two current subjects in NC.  What's so exciting is that there is solid science and research to back-up and explain why this is working. Numbers show that 14% of all adults had diabetes and 38% had prediabetes 5 years ago back in 2012.  The CDC flat out said that 75% of those with prediabetes will have full-diabetes in 10 years (10% of that group per year).  That means, according to the CDC, and using simple math - over 40% of the U.S. population will have diabetes 10 years after 2012, which is just 5 years from now in 2012) - so we need  strategies that people can use to reverse diabetes - and the only way to do that is to stop using petroleum products - and eat 100% organic food to avoid the pesticide DDE which is linked big time with causing autoimmunity and diabetes.   What's alarming is that several environmental pesticides are linked with diabetes but the biggest link may be with the pesticide malathion which is used in agriculture and frequently in the mosquito control. A study out of Egypt was conducted on children exposed to pesticides and a link to diabetes. It  as designed to determine if pesticides were or were not tied to the increasing rates of diabetes in children. The study was started with 75 young children, all under age 10, who were recently diagnosed with type-1 diabetes at the Mansoura University Children Hospital in Egypt. As other studies have shown higher levels of pesticide exposure increases diabetes in adults, the doctors here wanted to find out if so-called normal exposures to pesticides could increase the risk of diabetes in children.  They began by taking blood samples from the 75 children with diabetes and 35 control children who did not have diabetes. Blood samples in both groups were then tested for nine different pesticides. The pesticides under investigation included the head-lice pesticide lindane, the farming/food pesticides malathion and chlorpyrifos and also the pesticide DDT and DDE. Most people assume DDT is no longer used, but this is incorrect as some countries in Africa and South America still use DDT in agriculture, and these foods are frequently exported into Europe and the United States, especially during the winter months. Another source of DDT in foods comes from a little publicized fact that the legal pesticide dicofol (routinely used on citrus) contains DDT as an unintended by-product during manufacture. All measurements are in levels of what is called nanograms per milliliter of blood. 1. Healthy children had no measurable levels of the pesticide lindane,  but diabetes children had a level of 0.54. 2. Healthy children had no measurable levels of DDT,  but diabetes children had levels of 0.20 3. Healthy children had no measurable levels of DDE,  but diabetes children had levels of 0.37 The same pattern was seen with the common pesticides chlorpyrifos and malathion. Chlorpyrifos levels were averaging .02 in the healthy children and .24 in children with diabetes. So, diabetes children had 12 times higher levels of this common pesticide. The same pattern was seen with the pesticide malathion, with levels of .03 in children without diabetes and levels over 15 times higher at .54 for children with diabetes.   When using these numbers to determine any increased risk from the pesticides, the researchers found that having these levels of malathion resulted in a 4 times greater risk of developing diabetes when compared to children with low levels of malathion.  Eating Organic Lowers Blood Pesticides in Children For a bit of good news, there is actually quite a bit someone can do to lower levels of pesticides in their body. Children eating organic food (foods grown without pesticides) were found to have dramatically lower levels of pesticides when compared to eating conventional pesticide grown foods. In this study, conducted in part by the Centers for Disease Control, scientists studied the effects of eating organic (non-pesticide) food among 23 elementary school children ages 3 to 11. Each child was tested daily for pesticide levels over 15 consecutive days. During the first 5 days (called phase 1) - children consumed their typical (pesticide) food diets. During phase 2 (days 6 to 10) - children ate only organic foods. In phase 3 (days 11 to 15), all children switched back to eating conventional foods grown with pesticides. RESULTS: During phase 2, while eating organic foods, all children showed a dramatic drop in pesticide levels of chlorpyrifos and malathion. Average levels of malathion metabolites while eating conventional food was approximately 1.2 micrograms per liter (of urine) but after switching to organic foods dropped to less then 0.1 micrograms/liter. This represents a 12-fold decrease in body pesticide levels when switching from conventional to organic foods. For the pesticide chlorpyrifos, (which has been linked to many health disorders affecting the brain and weakening the immune system), levels were approximately 6 micrograms/liter before eating organic and then dropped to 2 micrograms per liter while eating organic (a 3-fold reduction). Both malathion and chlorpyrifos are used extensively in agriculture with chlropyrifos also being used in home pest and termite control prior to 2002. In conclusion, the researchers stated, We were able to demonstrate that an organic diet provides a dramatic and immediate protective effect against exposures to organophosphorus pesticides that are commonly used in agricultural production....The persistent existence of OP pesticide metabolites in urine during the conventional diet periods raises a concern of the possible chronic exposures to OP pesticides in children.  Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA CHEM-TOX COMMENT:  It is interesting to note that this study found that eating organic food greatly reduced levels of the pesticides chlorpyrifos and malathion in children - This is significant as the previous study found that the pesticides chlorpyrifos and malathion were higher in children recently diagnosed with diabetes. This would strongly suggest that switching to organic foods would be a logical intervention to prevent diabetes from occurring - slow disease progress - or possibly pay a part in achieving a remission. Also, children have far lower levels of important liver enzymes that remove pesticides from the blood (i.e. paraoxanase) and this level can vary dramatically from one child to the next.. Therefore, chidren have pesticides remain in their blood for longer periods and at higher levels than adults. Also, critics of this study (such as those funded by agricultural interests) do not take into account that EPA guidelines on pesticide safety consider only one pesticide at a time, however, children (and all of us) are exposed to many pesticides in food simulneously. This has been shown to result in far more harm than one pesticide alone, and can sometimes result in an exponential effect (1+1=100). Also, current EPA pesticide safety guidelines do not consider what is called subtle neurotoxicity (effects on learning/behavior) - subtle immune system effects (increased autoimmunity - lowering of white blood count - natural killer cell effects, etc.). The bottom line is that pesticides are designed specifically to kill - and our children are being exposed to small levels of these continuously in food. A follow-up study now needs to be done to determine if natural killer cells and autoimmunity are affected by these levels of pesticides. SOURCE: Environmental Health Perspectives, 114(2): 260-263, Feb 2006 View Journal Online So, now let me broader your horizon a little bit.  This is where the fun begins. Your dollar bill. Flip it over, look for the pyramid, read the Latin phrase below it. "Novos Ordo Seclorum". What does it mean?  If you find the answer call me. But it basically means you're a slave .... the New World Order. And don't think it's anything to scoff at. The name of the game, if you listened to my broadcast with Amy Carson, is PROFIT. And that "Order", as Antony Sutton puts it, is who you are enslaved to. The Federal Reserve is the most powerful spoke to that wheel. If you don't take time to investigate who they are, your chains will only get tighter.  Petroleum based products are killing us. The are killing our environment, they run our global economy and they are murder on our immune system. Is it coincide? Just simple circumstance. So the Federal Reserve is run by? Those who control the global oil reserves. Now, diabetes is a disease that has been around for centuries. First mentioned at least as far back as 1500BC. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Japanese... they are had names for this illness. It wasn't however until 1910 when English physiologist, Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer, related it to a pancreas/ insulin related problem. Petroleum based products just so happen to reek havoc on diabetic patients and, again, from everything I'm coming across, seem to be the main cause of what has become a diabetes epidemic. Are people cashing in on this knowledge? Absolutely they are.  But diabetes is just one ill effect of these petroleum based toxins.  Our vanishing bee population is another. If something is wrong and damages our environment and ourselves, we need to put a stop to it immediately. ie: mercury in vaccines. Guys, we must stand up to some of these toxins and chemicals in our environment.  There is, for instance,  no reason our automobiles can not run on electricity. NONE! The only reason we still rely on this dirty petroleum (gasoline) is greed and family desire for continued wealth. GLOBAL POWER. And the more we buy products that feed into this system the more enslaved we become.  Let's take a look then at Antony Sutton. Because you need to know who these families are. Rockefeller? Yes. Bush? Yes.  Are you familiar w the Hegelian dialect? Left v Right?  If you've followed me on twitter I have a phrase pinned to my feed. It reads: "The clash of opposites makes for progress. If you can control the opposites, you dominate the nature of the outcome". Stanford Hoover Fellow, Antony Sutton.  Most Americans concentrate on a "LEFT" or a "RIGHT". That's their first mistake. Left and right are simply artificial devices used to control what is otherwise known as chaos for objective of "order".  Take note here: Marx v Hitler were opposites. yet both Karl and Adolf were pupils of the same philosophy: Fredrich Hegel.  You need to also look at the Trilateral Commission. That is a major byproduct of the Federal Reserve. The end justifies the means. Hegelian Philosophy. You've heard me talk about All Souls School at Oxford (Cecil Rhodes) and the order of the Skull and Bones at Yale. Jeffersonian Democracy says that the best government is the least government. Does that contrast from values implemented today?  The constitution does not call for a central bank. in fact it gives financial power all to Congress. Today they have NONE. Not since 1913. It's the reason JFK was assasinated. YET today that's exactly what the Federal Reserve is: a CENTRAL BANK. And you'd be a fool to think some of these roads don't still lead back to ROME. THEY DO.  Conflict between the two forces results in the forming of a synthesis. Then the process starts all over again. Thesis vs. antithesis results in synthesis. It is well documented, and again, i urge you to base your study from Antony Sutton, that the Bush family, among others like the Rockefeller, Herriman, Stimson and others, financed both sides of the Nazi v Marx conflict in WW2. Sound familiar?  The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, owns a a hedge fund.  Spray Zika? He owns both an insecticide company AND a pharmaceutical company. The Rockefellers owned petroleum companies yet they also own a patent on the zika virus and oh by the way, the are linked to owing the chemical used to kill the zika mosquitos, Naled. What a wrench? They funded the start of the University of Chicago. One of the best medical schools  on the planet today. Link?  You've got to dig into some of this stuff people. You've got to up root it. 


Anyway, I hope some of that makes sense to you. so now, on to numbers. 

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