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Ian's Discussions are typically controversial and often question typical narrative.  He started his weekly program after being exposed to the local debate on the ZIKA (virus) vs. Dibrom (pesticide) in Miami Beach (2016) - during the Obama Administration.  Since then, the program has rigorously advanced and buzzwords such as "deep state" and "fake news" have become mainstream - and of common use under the Trump Administration.  What is happening to American Media?  Click here.   Discussions of Truth continues to receive incredible guests and with your support sets an American media standard.

 “Ian, we no longer have any real sense of free media.  The only hope now is people like you... who can repair the damage and get people listening to people who know what they're talking about...”  

                                                                               - Ray McGovern                                                                                                                                                              CIA analyst: 1963 - 1990                                                                                                                                   chaired the National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs)                                                       and prepared the President's Daily Brief: 1981- 1985


Trottier's book (release date: April 2020), Freedom Reserved: No More Lies is an:

 "engaging and wide-ranging indictment, from banking scandals to questionable pesticide use and large corporations' unethical behavior.  Truly unique and provocative!" 

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As Ian open's every show with famed rock song: "Seek and Destroy" from California based Metallica, he aims to do just that with each topic Discussed on show.  That is to seek out and destroy corruption.  Where ever it may be and on what ever level it is infecting life.  

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