Freedom Reserved: No More Lies

by Ian Hamilton Trottier

Read the newspaper.  Flip through a magazine.  Watch the television.  Turn on the radio.  

Do you feel like you're in a dry desert, squelching thirst for truth?  Walk the path I unusually ambulated. Heed caution as you hear the same cry of thousands of local Miami residents screaming for justice from a locally used pesticide to combat the threat of a virus known as ZIKA.  My notion of reality alarmed as their appeal turned to deaf ears.   Intact values of a Republic?  Democracy at practice?  Majority rule?  Question authority?  The contrary to none never before crossed my mind.  Ishtar Gate.  From Chevron Chemical Corporation to Vanguard, to Stanford University, Dr. Antony Sutton of the Hoover Institute, All Souls School and Cecil Rhodes to the 1913 United States Federal Reserve Act.  It was the voice screaming injustice from the proletariat that lead me to pen this, the coming forth of, Freedom Reserved: NO MORE LIES.  

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