Are you being informed of your consent?

For those of you who may know — over a year ago I became exposed to a very controversial topic. Naled had come ashore to Miami Beach. An incredible threat to local health. Yet, there was an uproar in opposition to the pesticide spraying for this “threat”. A product that the European Union had banned due to it being a neurotoxin and Puerto Rico and its Governor Ricardo Rossello rejecting a shipment of it to his country. So, why the controversy?

A little over a year back I started a weekly radio program from the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. This was the epicenter of the “ZIKA” scare, at the time. Since then I have gone on to host incredible guests who have researched some very controversial topics. Most recently I hosted president of the National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara Loe Fisher. Here’s the episode:

​There seems to be little more interest in what seems to be a possible infringement on our rights NATIONALLY on many levels. And due to recent guests Ive brought on my program, I am being smeared with various labels. Not particularly kind. See article here by Cameron Joseph of

So what are issue that need to be addressed as far as Im concerned? For instance: 1) Vaccines, 2) the air we breath by way of pesticide spraying, 3) banking and now what seems to possibly be 4a) our right to protest/free speech (see attachment below) and 4b) our right to free press as I have recently been contacted by this reporter from TalkingPointsMemo with what seems to be a possible threat of smearing.

So as you read and get a little background from where this journey last year started for me, please know the following:

​I have worked closely with researcher: ​

Richard Pressinger. Based in Chapel Hill, NC, he is a few blocks from the EPA headquarter. For it is through him and his website: that I initiated most of my (initial) investigation. He aims to strictly publish peer-reviewed studies and I consider him to post only well respected publications and articles.

​So, some items on ZIKA v Naled: Know that this basic study from Cornell shows that Naled breaks down to an even MORE toxic compound called dichlorvos (when released):

​Keep in mind that during the exposure period while residing on Miami Beach, I became GRAVELY ill and posted in bed for 10 days and continued on with flu like symptoms for more than a months. ​

This study out of Norway shows exposure to naled DOES ​indeed, cause microcephaly.

​You should also know that though my research I linked the composition of DIBROM (introduced by Chevron in 1956) — currently manufactured by Vanguard out of their LA facility, had an element called Ethion (tetraethyl), from my research, this chemical linked to the gasoline Standard Oil sold to Hitler’s Nazi regime to fuel the Luftwaffe (air force). This is a serious proposition IF accurate. I do not know if my finding on that part is indeed accurate.

​Furthermore: through my discussions with scientists at Georgetown, Washington University, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Lancaster, I was not proved w any research showing a DIRECT link that ZIKA causes microcephaly.

​I was basically told research doesn’t exist. Thus, ​without taking into consideration immunotoxicology — no science exists that show ZIKA by itself cause microcephaly.

​ ​

However, most importantly, ​ studies show that Naled (DIBROM) do cause microcephaly.  Two items to consider when and if you present argument to student body​:

  1. 1)  I asked Hank Campbell, President of the American Council on Science and Health, if Naled was dangerous. 
  2. This was his response:


    2)​ When suggesting a peaceful protest at the Tamiani airport here in Miami-Dade to curtail the spraying efforts locally, a lead attorney, who I know to be former NAVY JAG and perhaps very close to Florida Governor Rick Scott,  wrote me this response via text message to my iPhone:

It would be that last message that would denote a clear infringement on our right to peacefully gather and protest. What more regarding the topic of pesticide spraying in Florida is this: ​FL Governor Rick Scott owns an insecticide company through his hedge fund ScottCapital Partners.

​ This may interest you. ​

See his portfolio here:

​So, I mention ​banking. In three weeks I will host Ellen Brown who has been writing an arguing for national public banking practices for many many years in CA.

​You probably also realize politically we’re in big trouble and this is the bank that seems to control our politics: the​ Federal Reserve. N​ot part of this government. They are an independent non audited, non congressional, bank. See 1913 Federal Reserve Act, Woodrow Wilson. US Constitution Article 1 Section 8. We at least know that.

​Ive been talking about linked points now for over a year on my small independent radio program in Miami. I am gaining attention and it will continue to inform and education the masses I hope so that they too can form your own educated opinion. Let me lastly comment on something called “informed consent”. This is proposed legislation that Barbara Loe Fisher hopes every State in the Union will consider passing. For California it is MOST important. Why are some of our children being vaccinated when pharmaceuticals should be perhaps focusing their attention more on cure? Isn’t it every parents right to choose what gets injected into their child? As per points made above, I believe it is an inalienable right to make that choice… just as it is our right to breath fresh air. ​

​There’s a lot of different topics here but, I hope Ive tied a nice thread for you. What is of concern here our our rights and yes, more importantly our inalienable rights as presented through our US Constitution. That is what I believe may be at stake here. My opinion. ​

​Thank you​

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