America: Remember the Alamo

Disclaimer: Regardless of your religious view or view on religion, as you read the following consider religious institution upon the basis of its business engagement. Whereas, by means of defining the human concept and belief in existence and origin thereof, religion operates as a business. Collecting fees and gifts to operate its negotiations (ie: buildings / missions) pan-globally. Walk into most any town and you will find two principle buildings as center: bank and church. School and administration buildings are of the others. And during war-time, that business (religion) stays neutral because it represents “god”. Yet, the war is likely being fought because of it. Therefore, for instance, think of Switzerland and the Vatican… as examples, in Europe. In this relation, The Battle of The Alamo is very much a reflection of protestant counter-reformation in The New World that spread from Europe.

America has a short memory. For a child that is an infant on the global stage, it clearly lives in its parents' house with far too many amenities and comforts. America: its a cold, dark and dreary world out there. Time to grow-up!

America's First Flag

In 1775, George Washington met with "The Professor" in Cambridge, MA. Who was this "professor" and what was he professing? Attending this meeting were Benjamin Franklin (committee chairman), Thomas Lynch and Benjamin Harrison. Continental Congress had authorized the "Flag Committee" to meet about adapting the first united colonial flag. As reported in Robert Allen Campbell's book: "Our Flag", this mysterious scholarly figure may not have been so strange at all. Washington and patriots needed funding for their war. Could it have been that this European based counselor figure may have represented said bankers? I commend, yes. Absolutely, possible.

It seems this elderly statesman from across the Atlantic, may have very well been a former prisoner of Castel Sant'Angelo and may have even gone so far as to fake his own death (see: F. Tupper Saussy below). That is open to deliberation. But what is known is that Washington et al, agreed to allow this European into the flag adaption committee. As mentioned in this Walter Veith video (suggested beginning at 1hr mark) - this adapted US Union flag may have very well come at the direction of Jesuit (Dr.) Lorenzo Ricci.

What is known is that Washington owned shares in the Bank of England. See: link

Does that surprise you? It should. Why would the national hero of America own shares of an enemy's bank? Simple: The Bank of England is largely controlled by a NON-ENGLISH entity. Therefore, not an "enemy". The Bank of England resides in what is known as the City of London. A sovereign and non-national entity (neighborhood) within London and is not formerly part of England or the United Kingdom. Whereas, The City of London represents the actual Crown. It controls the British monarchy. It finances the English government. The Queen (or King) must ask for permission to enter this banking district. Not the other way around. And this has stood as law since 1066 when William was unable to conquer it (the Bank). Again, the City of London represents the actual Crown... not the British crown.

So, where does this banking mechanism that Ronan Palan alluded to in this April 2019 episode of Discussions of Truth, come from? He clearly says that it is "mid-evil". The Normans conquered the aisles from an control of Anglo-Saxon era over Lodon (7th-11th centuries). Yet, indeed it was Rome that had established London dating back to at least 50AD. Therefore, the hyperbolic saying is that "All Roads Lead to Rome". The same is true in context of English history and its dependence on "other people's money".

In my opinion, which I have little to back up but the references listed here and further information located in the research section of my website; George Washington was somewhat if not largely financed by the City of London and thus, owned shares in its bank: The Bank of England. Therefore, when meeting to engineer design for such flag of Independence, the European banker's made clear that their money was well represented in such banner.

The first flag of what would become the United States Constitutional Republic is seen above.... as it flies of the City Hall of San Francisco. A city that my family has been in since 1916. 4 generations. Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Though her husband Paul is a SF native, I believe her to be more of a political plant than anything. This is simply my opinion. She seems like a very nice person. However, I have to see another similarity here in that Paul was educated at Georgetown. Yes, the same institution Bill Clinton received his education from - mainly under the tutelage of Carroll Quigley. Georgetown happens to be located aside Washington DC and yes, is America's oldest Jesuit university.

Lets get back to the flag. America's first flag clearly bears crosses. That of, what is seen in the British Grand Union Jack today. This United States' flag, clearly bears the crosses of: St. George (England), St. Andrew (Scotland) and St. Patrick (Ireland). As seen in the photos above and below. Outside of flag dimensions, the US Grand Union flag (America's first flag) is clearly the same flag as was used by the British East Indies Company. That includes having 13 stripes. So as the Mayflower sailed into Cape Code in 1620 and anchored in or around Nov 19 of that year, was Washington simply digressing and further corroding any progress that had been made by the passengers on that voyage? What I mean is this: those pilgrims, William Bradford (leader) and Christopher Jones (Captain) left the religious based tyrannic rule of the Church of England. Again: religion. Yet, Ive previously stated that William of Normandy was unable to conquer Rome's bank on Londinium (1066) from the Anglo-Saxons, and that, that bank, known as the City of London, has to this day remained sovereign and not a part of the United Kingdom. Whereas, the Church of England, though declaring itself separate from that church based in Rome, had always remained financially dependent on it - through the monarchy that ruled over it. Again, the British monarchy being subservient to The Bank (the City of London). Working on behalf of the entity or entities that financially controlled the British East Indies Trade Company, that had recently lost at least 340 chests of tea in what became a crisis in Boston Harbor 2 years prior (Boston Tea Party), had Lorenzo Ricci effectively essentially coerced Washington and company into Roman financial slavery?

There I saw a picture of Queen Elizabeth I and the flag of the East India Company of 1600 a.d., with its thirteen red and white horizontal stripes and its superimposed crosses in the upper corner. What astonished me was that this flag (which seemed to be the American flag) was apparently being used in 1600 a.d., 175 years before the American Revolution.” – Buckminster Fuller

Since Ive got your attention, allow me to direct you to a work of Jeremiah J. Crowley. The book: The Pope: Chief of White Slavers, goes into the notion of what I have just mentioned may have happened to America's founding fathers. That is, enslaving men, mainly white men, into a banking/funding system of debt. One fed by theological definition and belief. Religion. Another such work by author is titled: Romanism - A Menace to the Nation.

F. Tupper Saussy further mentions in his book that this "professor", that was in attendance at the Flag Committee meeting in Cambridge and yes, seemingly, being Lorenzo Ricci, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits); told Franklin and Washington the following:

“The Union Flag of the Mother Country is retained as the

union [upper left corner] of our new flag to announce that the

Colonies are loyal to the just and legitimate sovereignty of the

British Government. The thirteen stripes will at once be understood

to represent the thirteen Colonies; their equal width will

type the equal rank, rights and responsibilities of the Colonies.

The union of the stripes in the field of our flag will announce the

unity of interests and the cooperative union of efforts, which the

Colonies recognize and put forth in their common cause. The

white stripes will signify that we consider our demands just and

reasonable; and that we will seek to secure our rights through

peaceable, intelligent and statesmanlike means – if they prove

at all possible; and the red stripes at the top and bottom of our

flag will declare that first and last – and always – we have the

determination, the enthusiasm, and the power to use force –

whenever we deem force necessary. The alternation of the red

and white stripes will suggest that our reasons for all demands

will be intelligent and forcible, and that our force in securing our

rights will be just and reasonable.”

Furthermore, as John Paul Jones, aboard the Alfred along the shores of the Delaware in Philadelphia, on Dec 3, 1775 first hoisted this US Grand Union / British East Indies Company flag, was he simply forfeiting his independence without knowing it? I contend, that yes. The United States of America though having achieved its geographic independence, did not (and has not to this day - 2021) achieved its financial independence. Current national Federal debt: $28.9T (Nov 20, 2021).

So who was Lorenzo Ricci and why is it proposed that his identity may have been suppressed during this meeting with Franklin and Washington in October of 1775. Ricci was the 18th Superior General of the Society of Jesus. The Jesuits are known as "God's Marine's". They are a military order of the Vatican. So allow me to further explain what I know about the power-structure inside the Vatican.

What is of immediate interest now is that today in 2021, there are considered by many, to be 3 popes. A white pope, a black pope and a grey pope. My understanding is that the white pope is the public figure. The official spokes-person, if you will, of the Vatican. That is one Jorge Mario Bergoglio... or Pope Francis. An Argentinian and not of the Franciscan Order. He is a Jesuit. The black pope is one Arturo Marcelino Sosa Abascal. A Venezuelan. He heads the shadow military order for the Vatican. The Jesuits. And, Pepe Orsini, being the grey pope. He comes from the banking family: House of Orsini. Pepe's lineage includes that of 5 popes: Stephen II (752-757), Paul I (757-767), Celestine III (1191–1198), Nicholas III (1277–1280), and Benedict XIII (1724–1730). But, lets stay with Ricci here. Founded in 1540 by Ignatius of Loyola, this Army of God was organized to suppress the protestant movement in Europe under the crown of Leo X (House of Medici). To counter reformation. See the Council of Trent. Martin Luther would pass away in 1546. The Mayflower pilgrims of 1620 a product of this reformation, in essence. Protestantism. Could Lorenzo have been present in 1775, and if so, was he acting as discrete military agent for the Society of Jesus? Well, yes, that is clear. There is no doubt. What is more important is the fact that Washington (assuming the assertion is accurate - that "the professor" indeed was Ricci) complied with this European statesman and adapted this British East Indies Company flag as the banner for the "free world". The origin of the “star-spangled banner" (not cross spangled) was adopted later on June 14, 1777. Again, I assert, that the "free world" was perhaps geographically free... but, certainly not financially free. Ricci, a Vatican agent, was acting as an ambassador for the bank which his company represented: The City of London. The British East Indies Company acting on behalf of the monarchy, which represented the people of Britain, yet, we know, simply only subservient to and doing the bidding of, the Roman bank that manipulated its governance: again, The City of London via the Bank of England. Follow the money through all roads that lead to Rome. You'll find yourself walking through Switzerland along the way.

Let us now, remember The Alamo. Ok. Take a breath. Throughout global affairs, especially those that we identify as being in and of "the West", we know that Rome has remained a constant. A power, though physically un-dominant but, non the less, a power. A strong and manipulative power since, basically, having conquered Greece starting in 218BC involving Hannibal in the Punic Wars. A power based on theory. Again, a theological power. Theres that theory word. Conspiracy. Yet, we have a solid tangible organization that has massive global influence and therefore power BASED on THEORY. WOW!

So... March 06, 1836. Texas. The Texans had declared their independence from Mexico. Mexico, still working with the highly corrupt government it had inherited from the Spanish. The Spanish having conquered lands in the New World under the order of Papal Bull Inter Caetera of 1493. That is the right, according to "God" to conquer (half - Portugal was granted the other half) the world in the name of religion. Therefore, the Mexicans, whom I have spent many wonderful days of my life alongside, spend centuries paying taxes and tithes into a corrupt government (based on religion) that fed back to the Spanish crown yet, ultimately not into Spain but, Italy... and into the Vatican. Another, like the City of London, banking machine that is sovereign (independent) from Roma and Italia. Same bank? Yes.

Santa Ana, of course, working for the Mexican government which remained closely nit to the Vatican (via Spain) fought those Texan efforts of Independence and regained possession of The Alamo. Why is this important? Because the Texas Republic was aided by President James Polk and American sympathizers. Protestors. Hence, America, you lost that insugency battle. A month later, April 21, 1836, Sam Houston and army would successfully defeat Santa Ana's troops and officially declare independence for Texas. This set the stage for the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo to be signed in 1848 in large part due to US Marines having stormed the Halls of Montezuma (Battle of Chapultepec - 1847) via the leadership of General Winfield Scott in Mexico City. This treaty essentially formed the US boundary upon what is along the Rio Grande River.

Whereas folks, the same colonial swamp rats that the Mayflower left Europe from, are actively invading the DC swamp today. Realizing, of course, that their great “communist” package of equality in governance, invaded your Independence Hall officially during the Obama Administration. 26 September 2015. In the guise of socialistic conveniences for governing a civilization. Obama Administration. Universal healthcare? Not a bad concept… if the bank controlling it was run for and by The People. Not so with the Federal Reserve Central Bank. 1913.

“The US Federal Reserve Central Bank is un•Constitutional and needs to be repealed!”

- FL Rep Antony Sabatini

Discussions of Truth


To my knowledge, it was the first time in American history the Supreme Pontiff step foot inside the historic birthplace of America. Why is this unique? Because America is founded on protestantism. Period. The freedom to practice and define religion freely. Protestng the religious monopoly out of Rome.

A largely understood communist sympathizer, Obama perhaps, not knowing what he may have been doing by graciously allowing the Crown (of thorns) into America’s cradle. For it was Peter Beckx, the 22nd Supreme-General of the Society of Jesus in 1853 who is considered to have counciled Karl Marx (notice another “x”), in the writing of Das Kapital at the British Museum, London. Bizmark kicked both Marx and the Jesuits out of Germany. Consider this Marx interview published by the Chicago Tribune - 1879 in regards: link

We add to the globalist angle of control, lest I remind you, perhaps you are unaware, but Catolicism literally means: universal. Whereas this is the etymology or the Greek meaning if “katholikos”. I am not saying it is either a good nor bad thing. I am simply pointing out some historic relevancies in regards.

So, now let me revisit that above video by Walter Veith. There you will find ample evidence for the Jesuit influence in the writing of Sun Tsu’s Art of War.

Was deception something “The Professor” was practicing when he met with Franklin and Washington in Cambridge? Philosophically it seems the approach, was lockstep with those of the practices of a Jesuit crusade.

The Art of War was “translated” by Frenchman Jean Joseph Marie Amiot in 1772. Just a few years prior to 1775. As it happens, Amiot was a Jesuit. Veith makes a great argument that Tsu is simply a ficticious character and created in large part to develop a deceptive story. One that might philosphically and theoretically create a culture of dominance… or an ability to be dominated… or subjegated.

So now, we get to vaccines and mandates on you human health. We arrive to something called the Protocols of Zion. Let's first consider the imbalance and disturbance currently facing our homeland. Brigadier General Robert Spalding III, USAF, said on my program, "America has been invaded by a Stealth Enemy." Robert said this on April 22, 2020: link. Taken that into consideration, what is this symbolism on the logo of the CIA. The CIA is often referred to as "The Company". A company like the former British East Indies Company? Quite possibly. But, what we do know is this... if the CIA (established in 1947 after WWII... 2 years after China adopted a Central Bank (1945) and that same year as being when the United Nations had been chartered in San Francisco (1945); indeed does bear this Jesuit symbol upon its logo - we know this; that IHS (a Jesuit motto) means In Hoc Signo (vinces). “By this sign, thou shalt conquer”. See Constantine The Great.

What does the Society of Jesus, "God's Army" have anything to do with vaccines in 2021? The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Many consider this to be a Jewish led group. I contest that it is not Jewish and that it is connected to the Club of Rome and is by and large ran by the Sons of Ignatius of Loyola. Therefore Israel, as we know it today, as being officially independent from British rule (1948) is a historical product of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 authored by Walter Rothschild, Arhur Balfour, Leo Amery and Lord Milner. Furthermore, its 1954 established Central bank makes it essentially under the economic control of the same entity or entities that control the Jesuit Order. Yes, Rome. Remember Switzerland and the Bank of International Settlements in Basel. For it is the Swiss (yes, Swiss) Pontifical Guard that protects The Pope. Established in 1506, their patron happens to be Ignatius of Loyola.

J. Edgard Hoover was well aware of these protocols. Un-classified documents clearly show this: link

"To Attain our Ends we must foment trouble in all countries, utterly exhaust all humanity with dissensions, hatreds, struggles, envies, torture, starvation and THE INOCULATION of DIESEASES..."

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Judy Mikovitz and many others are clearly stating that these pandemic vaccines are not vaccinations by definition. Therefore, they are injections and/or inoculations. Could it be that there is a system, an organization, a global infrastructure that is so well sophisticated and organized that it could develop and inserts its objectives upon the global masses? This would be the ultimate stealth enemy. This would be the creation of the ultimate Trojan Horse. Accept the research or not, this sure seems to add-up to me.

According to author Eric John Phelps, prior guest on Discussions of Truth, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were written in France as a result of the Dryfus Affair and published in Russian in 1903. This prior to the Bolshevik Revolution. He quotes L.H. Lehmann:

You clearly read there that the Jesuit Order, 100 years prior to these Protocols released in 1903, created a similar deceptive movement against Jansenism with the release of The Secrets of the Elders of Bourg-Fontaine. So, lets get back to Protocol 10 which I have posted for you above. Remember to browse the un-classified FBI documents on their official .gov site. Therefore, if Phelps is correct that Lehmann is accurate in his assessment, the Jesuits, which I contend have been infiltrating the US government since, at least, 1775 by flying their banking flag over Philadelphia - are a direct line to the eye that is behind what some are calling a "plandemic" .

I leave you considering “inoculations” with the most recent episode of Discussions of Truth. Guest: Siphiwe Baleka. An African-American who has compiled the most impressive and extensive research of medical virus/injection malpractice of the past 100 years that I have come across to date. Baleka is a graduate of Yale University. His work: link.

I also urge you to consider this book by Eustace Mullins: Murder by Injection - The Story of Medical Conspiracy Against America. Link

America: its time to recall your identity. Remember, what you are founded upon. If you understand the importance of Freedom of Religion and the other liberal and free rights granted to you via the US Constitution, it is time. Time is now. Whether at your place of work. Whether at your place of study or whether at your place of worship, it is time. Time for you to stand up and let your voice be heard.

Let me mention to you this: it was under the administration of Ronald Reagan that the United States had established official recent relations with the Vatican and for those of you who may believe Fox News to be delivering you "Fair and Balanced" trustworthy information, consider this: Rupert Murdoch (an Australian) was knighted by Pope JPII and received a Knighthood of St. Gregory in 1998.

Rethink, what you currently think. Do not allow an agency to limit or define your religion. Do not be deceived.

“We live in a Socialist society. To eliminate freedom, one must eliminate wide-spread knowledge of the truth.”

- Dr Antony Sutton

Stanford University


America, take off your masks. Fight against division and any type of theory. Oppose mandates on vaccinations. Recall your brave and noble history - remember where your flag came from as you Remember: The Alamo.

Ian Trottier

Discussions of Truth

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