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Entrepreneurial in nature and believing in self dependency I've dedicated most of my past 20 years to developing small business. I believe in being creative, free trade, free press, speech and expression.  In this form, I developed my first soon after 2005; a pressure washing business.  Triton Pressure Wash grew quickly.  Securing verbal agreements with Chipotle, Panda Express and Mel's Diner.  Within 6 months I was also washing Macy's garage in Sacramento, CA.  The second business I created was a valet parking business - which name, iPark, I sold to a New York City firm (Imperial Parking).  I have seen that name actively in use on Manhattan garages.   The third business I set out to develop was an energy drink company.  repXplosion began to grow and become recognized by the t-shirts I gave away.  I had secured a manufacturer based out of Idaho and was in talks to produce the powder when I was drawn back to my performance roots. Since high school I have been involved in the entertainment industry.  Having taken classes in HS, college and in the community.  Out of necessity from the zika scare of South Florida, I felt the need to start my own weekly radio program.  I currently focus all of my attentions on this project, broadcasting weekly from a small studio in Miami, FL.  I identify and speak on controversial subjects that effect us all. 

What you need to know about me: I have extensive experience managing others. I also find great joy in serving others and researching. One example is the radio show. I bring in amazing guests to talk about various environmental and political issues that face our state and our nation. More can be seen at  In addition, I have been actively working with writers to develop a couple of screen plays. 

What more? I was married for 4 years to a great woman Id met while living in Mexico.  I sponsored her, we married in New York City and lived in San Francisco.  We separated mutually in 2013.  Soon there after I moved to South Florida about 4 years ago to rebuild and experience new.  In CA I am 3rd generation. We first arrived to North American in 1640 (Quebec). Of the Trottier Family, we have an NHL Hall of Famer, multiple authors and lawyers.  My uncle played for the Chicago Cubs for 2 years before being drafted into WW2.  My uncle was a 2 term state senator for Wyoming and former US marshal.   My mother is a stage actress based in London, England.  2 siblings have PhD's, one is an airline pilot (captain) and another is an acting attorney based in Southern California.  




Acalanes HS - Lafayette, CA

University of Oregon - Eugene, OR 

BA, Sociology

Job Experience (from early to late)

Varsity Painting 2005-2006

Job title: regional marketing manager

Walnut Creek, CA based painting contractor.

Managed 5 teams of 10 street marketers

Our work over 5 counties created $300k in profit

Triton Pressure Washing 2007-2010

Job title: Founder/owner

San Francisco based pressure washing company

Contracts (verbal): to wash patios and kitchens regionally for

Chipotle, Panda Express, BART, Mel's Diner and regional garages and parking lots

ProPark America Feb 2010 ~ Feb 2011

Job title: Regional Manager

Regional manager over 250 employees and 9

managers from Reno, Nevada to Monterrey, CA

RetaiLigence (sold to PathPerformance) Feb 2010 ~ Feb 2011

Job title: Sales

We were an 8 member start up team. Integrating

brick and motor products into a cloud database. I was

offered a job with a Parking Management Company

before we received angel investing - which we did. We had talks 

for agreements with Google,, Dollar General, 

Walgreens and CVC under my direction. It 

was during this time that I began iPark Valet. 

VitargoUSA Feb 2012 ~ Feb 2015

Job title: Regional Sales 

I first met owner of this energy drink company while

living in San Francisco. He had formerly started the 

highly successful brand: EAS.  I travelled to San José, CA

and Columbus, Ohio to perform nutrition shows.

Upon relocating to Miami, FL I was permitted to open

this new territory.

Western Carriers Jul 2016 ~ May 2017

Job title: Private Chofer

I met founder and CEO of Western Carriers in Miami,

FL. He asked me to become his personal driver. He

paid for me to relocate to Palm Springs to drive for


repXplosion May 2016 ~ Present

Job Title: Founder/CEO

This is an energy drink - workout drink business that I

have been building for about 9 months. I have

trademarked the name and have an agreement with a

manufacturer based in Idaho for private labeling and


RADIO Discussions: Ian Trottier

My current project where I produce and host my own radio program.  

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  1. Skills: I served a 2 yr Mormon Mission to Yucatán MEXICO. Diverse culturally in this regard.
  2. Language: Español Professional working proficiency
  3. Interests: My many hobbies and interests include surfing, mountain biking,
  4. acting, researching history and currently hosting a radio show.

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