The "Hoax" of Climate Change 

Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. / Doug Dechert.  Photo credit: Joe Mafia

The "Hoax" of Climate Change - Doug Dechert, RFK Jr, Mara Siegler and Waterkeeper Alliance. 

In a recent media dinner for RFK Jr, hosted by Doug Dechert at Tony's on the Upper East Side, New York Post Page Six writer, Mara Siegler seems to take offense to the notion of Climate Change being a possible international (UN) psyop or hoax.  

The "polemic farting" session caught my attention on a Fox News release written by Chris Pandolfo.  I immediately reached out to Dechert the morning of July 13 and received response.  

Doug sent me images and video from the event and authorization to use and publish any and all. 

So, lets take a look first at what happened at the dinner.  The meeting took place the evening of July 11, 2023.  It was meant to bring some of New York's most influential columnists together to talk-to and provide support for RFK Jr's Presidential run. An opportunity to meet and greet and ask the famed legal icon some questions.  The event was hosted by said  friend and acquaintance, Doug Dechert. 

Again, I was given full rights to access and publish content (watch video).

We do know this.  What we get from Siegler's column is much different than what actually happened at the event.   

She states in her Page 6 gossip column release  few things that grab my attention as clearly being false, misleading and in-accurate.   First, as you see for yourself clearly no flatulation or "fart" is heard from any occupant at table, especially Dechert.  Furthermore, if one had been released, there was no complaint by anyone at table about a foul odor... especially from Ms. Siegler (who went on to write the article as a "regretful" complaint). 

She writes in her article however that "a shouting match over climate change broke out between two boisterous old men, sending the evening down an extremely unfortunate path."   As seen in the video the evening was wrapping up at Tony's on the Upper East Side and was ending regardless of the lighthearted, boisterous jest, between two old friends.  Dechert and Anthony Haden-Guest,  have been friends and associates for nearly 4 decades.  Thats the better part of half a century.  It seems she may have been a bit too fragile to bear the burden of the jargon of two men. 

Siegler, an American, refers to the attendees of members of the "Fourth Estate".  This implies they are part of the "Queen Consort".  Half of my family are English and therefore subjects to the British Crown.  It would behove Siegler to read some of my work that clearly states that the US Government is financially subject to the City of London and thus making them, no direct subjects of the Monarchy but, subjects of the financial institution that FINANCES the Monarchy.  The same that backs the US Federal Reserve.  Yes, essentially Rome, or The Vatican to be more precise.  Read my article: National Suicide: LINK.  So, as the use of the term here (Fourth Estate) may actually be offensive to American patriots and freedom fighters, it is somewhat accurate.  However, this is likely unbeknownst to Mara.   This podcast with Englishman, David Icke, clarifies my research and statement. 

Third.  It is clear that Mr. Haden-Guest, a Brit, was not sleeping during the dinner and clearly asks RFK Jr. to address "climate concern" and not "environment".  Ms. Siegler, who I have reached out to, is apparently confused as to what the difference is.  I've received no response from her.  RFK goes on to address his work and concerns with the environment and protecting it.  Watch video.  However, RFK avoids discussion regarding "climate change".  These two subjects, though they intertwine, are both very different.  Mr. Haden-Guest was not sleeping.  

So, no apparent gaseous fart.  No sleeping and no real talk on whether Climate Change is a hoax or not.  Allow me to be drawn to the conclusion that Mara Siegler is a Covid-19 vaccinated, brainwashed Deep State, New World Order victim that clearly and easily buys into United Nations global control tactics and unknowingly walks blindly to the fact that her country is truly NOT independent and in fact is still relegated to the desires of the City of London and thus, the agenda of King Charles.  Are you a Biden supporter, Ms Siegler?   Just curious.  It is your right, of course, but, I again I indeed am just curious.  Mara, time for you to wake up, darling.  It seems it is YOU, who was sleeping at that event.  

Ok.  So, Ms. Siegler got scared with the notion that climate change could be a well-designed and engineered international hoax on humanity that the global elites (yes, ran by a theology that is the religious crusading tactics of the Vatican).  Oh, but, wait... IAN!  The Rothschild are Jewish.  You must be confused.  No. Im definitely not.  Do, read Vatican Assassins by Eric John Phelps and do research the crusading Order that is the Society of Jesus, otherwise known as the Jesuits.  Starting with understanding the motives of the Knights of Malta will help.  The oldest crusading order aimed at Jewish conquest (Jerusalem) established in 1048.   That is certainly older than you and I, and even much older than America itself.  A lot to theoretically conceive.  

In my latest podcast episode, I actually coin the phrase "Conspiracy Theology".  Make note: I do not say "Conspiracy Theory", because this is not about a global theory.  This is about a global theology.  Global conquest.  Global control.  One that has been thriving for over 20 centuries.  Brainwashing and distorting people's lives and the vulnerability of humanity and their individual concept of existence... their reality and their belief systems.  Hence, the greatest law ever enacted: Freedom of Religion.  Ok.  So, back to climate change. 

Dechert, who was hosting and directing the meeting for Robert, clearly commands attention as he exclaims that Climate Change is a "hoax".   Has he backtracked on this claim?  No.  I just got off the phone with him and he is adamant about his stance on the subject.  "Drunk gossip columnist-turned-flack" or not, Dechert stands by what he says.  So to repeat, it seems that these men's jargon that night, seemingly scared the slightly immature Page Six columnist and likely caused her to begin to sweat.  Perhaps that was the foul odor you picked up, Mara? Your own.  

A couple of quick reasons that Climate Change could possibly be a hoax and WHY Dechert said and takes such stand.  

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) suggested back in 2003 that: "With all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all of the phony science, could it be that man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people?"

Why Senator, anything is possible... especially when the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on America is for it to think (yes, well after 2 centuries now) that it ever truly gained its financial independence.  One US President out of 46 left the Oval Office without a deficit.  It wasn't Trump.  It certainly wasn't Obama or either Bush.  It wasn't Washington or Lincoln or Kennedy.  It WAS Andrew Jackson.  But, will it be another Kennedy?  Ian!  how dare you!   How, could you possibly suggest America is not INDEPENDENT.  Mara, I implore you to ask Joseph Biden such a question.  You can start with addressing the book: Vote Scam by the Collier brothers.  See if he's familiar with it.  But, in the meantime,  read: "Central Bank: A Global Conspiracy."

In fact, on subject, Kennedy's campaign manager, who was present at the event that night and sitting at the table during the "gaseous" episode, former US Representative - Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, clearly understands the financial scam that has blinded America now for decades. Otherwise known as the Federal Reserve Act passed by "Congress" (only by a technicality) in 1913.   

He joined me on Discussions of Truth, June 12, 2021. Listen.  

And why, if Fox News is so "Right Wing" would they allow Pandolfo to pick the story up?  Tucker Carlson, wouldn't they want to support the "conspiracy theory" that climate change is a hoax?  Isn't that what the right-wing Trump supporters gobble-up?   Pandolfo's article clearly echos Siegler's and Haden-Guest's angle that Dechert is an "insignificant flack".  Well folks, quite simply, if climate change is a hoax,  Fox News would not want to expose that fraud.  It, in itself, is essentially controlled by the CFR, which is essentially under the control of the City of London via the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs and both are subjected to the international motives of the United Nations.  A Swiss banking agenda that is ultimately regulated by the policies of Rome (The Vatican). Rupert Murdoch is a propagandist.  A pink sheet billionaire.  He was knighted for his efforts in the 90's for creating Fox News Corp..  A means to "dumb-down" and divide the masses.  He is ultimately a Papal puppet and therefore, simply does the bidding of the work of that international institution.  One of their conquest tactics, America, is invasion via education.  See my interview here with Charlotte Iserbyt for further curiosity.  And education means media.  And dividing to conquer is how its done.  United we stand.  Divided we fall.  They know it, and after 2000 years and 2 "World Wars" of recent history, their WAR library is extensive.  

America: YOU are their enemy. 

So, Climate Change.  

Though it is more of an opinion piece and not a document that sites sources, via LootPress, John Blankenship, on March 28, 2023 at 7:38 am, writes: "10 reasons to prove that climate change is a hoax"
I'm simply going to list his 10 reasons for you to contemplate.  You may access the article for his defining clarity.

1) Ice Records

2) Cold Temperatures

3) Record Levels of Snow.

4) It is good for the Bears.

5) Rising Oceans

6) Moose are Thriving

7) Scientists are not falling for the Hype.

8) Carbon Sinks are around.

9) Long History of no Global Warming.

10) NASA says so.

You are free to dispute these claims by Blakenship.  Thats what America is all about.  What I do know is that, the more we allow mainstream media in America to continue to divide us politically, we simply allow the Deep State shills that control our banking industry, and thus the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) - which control our media and thus, control US and our thinking.   Its a trickle down effect.  Like a Papal Bull.  Controlling the bank means essentially controlling our politicking.  A Ponzi scheme in essence.  

Is Climate Change a hoax?  I see nothing in my day-to-day that says it isn't.  In fact, I see nothing that shows that it is nothing more than a United Nations driven objective to strip international civilians of their civil rights.  Is the environment a concern?  Is water quality a concern?  Is air pollution a concern?  Yes to all (in my opinion).  However, it is clear that this global elite got away with their mass-vaccination agenda, at least apparently with Mara... will they get away with their Climate Change / Agenda 2030 population zombifying hoax?  Only people like you will determine that.