The Jesuit Connection

Argument: America is on a dangerous course of combining Church and State.  Please read my article "America: Remember The Alamo."   These 21st c . efforts are counterproductive to the efforts of those aboard The Mayflower and the founding fathers of the United States.  Out of centuries of mastering the art of war, this is being done on a hidden , ingenious and stealth level that is unseen from main stream.   

I have specifically created this compilation of literature for your consideration that ancient Roman powers, banking "Houses" still retain influence on the global stage.  Consider The Order: Society of Jesus (Jesuits) is what these powers of the Club of Rome use to achieve said goals.  The Jesuits, folks, are not a theological order in as much as they are a militant order.  And they are indeed the Vatican Army.  As far as my research shows, their symbolism comes to light in two prominent logos of US government agencies: the NSA and the CIA.   NSA: eagle clutching Vatican papal silver key... otherwise known as the key to "govern the world".   The CIA portraying the "In Hoc Signo Vinces" Jesuit symbol: "In this sign, thou shalt conquer."

As you browse the literature, regardless of your belief or non-belief in "God" - consider the organization's history and manipulation of "the masses" based on their interpretation of "creation", "existence" and "god".   It is their definition and theological  interpretation.  The crux of the American Constitution is that it represents your inalienable right to interpret "god" for yourself and not at the dependency of someone else or someone else's institution:  The Vatican (or any other global religious governing body that may be considered).   

Gentle folk...  let freedom ring.  That depends on you.

"The Pope is above politics"

The Footprints of the Jesuits, Richard W. Thompson - 1894: LINK

The Jesuits : the Society of Jesus and the betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church - Malachi Martin - 1987: LINK

Vatican Assassins - Eric John Phelps, 2004: LINK

The Jesuits as Knowledge Brokers Between Europe and China (1582-1773):  Shaping European Views of the

Middle Kingdom - Ashley E. Millar, 2007: LINK

Vatican Secret Diplomacy - Charles R .Gallagher, S.J., 2008:  LINK