Recommended research VIDEOS

This William "Bill" T.  Still documentary produced in 1996 serves as the most comprehensive over-view of the corruption and manipulation behind the US central banking economic system.  I use it personally as reference.  

Charlotte passed away February 8, 2022.  She likened my interview style to being more effective than that of Jeff Rense.   In this interview you will see how the Deep State has manipulated the Department of Education to Deliberately Dumbdown Americans.   View Charlotte's site here

Ricky Schroder was a famed childhood actor.  Starting alongside Jon Voight in The Champ and then gaining fame in the sit-come, Silver Spoons.  Listen here how he describes how the Deep State manipulates and grooms young actors such as he for Hollywood.  

This 1998 interview of Kay Griggs shows her knowledge of the Deep State corruption in the US military.  She is wife of Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs. 

Dr. Beter was a key economist under JFK.  Listen to him talk about the corruption of FDR's New Deal and how the Rockefeller sold the gold in Ft Knox to the international community at below market value.