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Orne, Normady

On Sept 23, 1646 under the command of Pierre LeGarduer, Le Cardinal arrived to Quebec with Jules (Gilles) Trottier II and his family. Le Cardinal, commissioned by the Communauté des Habitants, had arrived from La Rochelle, France. La Rochelle had been the largest base for the Knights Templar in the Atlantic under Eleanor of Aquitaine. Communauté des Habitants at the time of Trottier primarily dealt in the fur trade. In La Rochelle on July 4, 1646 Trottier had been granted land to build and develop New France by Pierre Teuleron, sieur de Repentigny, acting under commission of Jacques Le Neuf de la Poterie. The fleet included 3 other ships: Le Saint-Sauveur, Le Notre-Dame and Le Petit-Saint-Christophe.

Commemorative plaque. Saint-Martin

New France

Three ships left together for North America on July 18, 1646; Le Cardinal,le Notre Dame and le Navire Neuf de la Poterie and in September of that year, Gilles Trottier and his family became one of the earliest settlers on the North American continent in the New World.

Of descendants of Jules Trottier II are NHL Hall of Famer: Bryan Trottier, Madonna, Camila Rosemary Shand Parker-Bowles - Duchess of Cornwall, The 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, and entertainers: Jim Carey, Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber, among others. - Source

I am 13th generation from Jules. My family line established themselves from Quebec in the San Francisco Bay area in the early 1900's.

Extended History

Marie-Charlotte Trottier dite Desrivieres was an instrumental witness in the trial of the Great Fire of 1852 in Montreal. Her father was City Merchant Sieur Julien trottier Desrivieres and the grand-daughter of Judge Raimbault. Charlotte or "Charlie" was the great grand-daughter of Antoine Trottier, brother of Pierre - from who I extend.


The French based heritage in North America now beings.

It is as follows:

Jules Trottier I

1564–23 October 1646 (Age 82)

Mortagne-au-Perche, Orne, Lower Normandy, France


Jules Trottier II

about 1591–10 May 1655 (Age 64)

Mortagne-au-Perche, Orne, Normandy, France


Moved to Canada:

Pierre Trottier

13 January 1644–8 January 1693 (49)

Vaunoise, Orne, Lower Normandy, France


Joseph Trottier

1 January 1665–14 September 1722 (Age 57)

Trois-Rivières, Saint-Maurice, Quebec, Canada


Pierre Trottier Duvernay

19 September 1691–29 May 1759 (Age 67)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Joseph Claude Trottier

11 July 1729–27 February 1797 (Age 67)

Lachine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Jacques Trottier

2 May 1765–8 June 1844 (Age 79)

Sainte-Geneviève, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Joseph Antoine Trottier

5 February 1805–20 July 1886 (Age 81)

Sainte-Geneviève-de-Pierrefonds, Montreal, Lower Canada, British Colonial America


Onésime Trottier

2 December 1829–27 June 1873 (Age 43)

Pierrefonds, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


James Argyll Trottier

10 December 1858–14 February 1926 (Age 67)

Île de Montréal, Quebec, Canada


Mantsel Harvey Trottier

10 September 1894–25 February 1959 (Age 64)

Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States


Wallace Glen Trottier

21 September 1918–28 October 1978 (Age 60)

Pittsburg, Contra Costa, California, United States


J. Trottier




Oakland, CA

"On September 23, The Cardinal of M. de Repentigny arrived with Jean POINTEL as master on board. There are on board the Jesuit father QUENTIN and some men for the Hurons: Desforges, Pierre TOURMENTE, a mason, Jean GUIET, a carpenter, the brother, Gaspard GOUAUT, apothecary and the sieur de LAUBINIÈRE, a young man from the house of Courtené, the latter, however, turned out to be a swindler; moreover for the service of the Jesuits: Pierre DESCHAMPS plowman, Simon GABOURY plowman, Charles DROUILLAR and Gilles HENAR. The mason, Pierre TOURMENTE, who arrived in September 1646 was perhaps also in this ship.

One engagement, six other passengers accompany him:

Jules TROTTIER, hired on July 4, 1646 in La Rochelle to Pierre LEGARDEUR, embarked on this ship. He arrived with his wife Catherine LOISEAU and their four sons: Antoine, Gilles, Julien and Pierre. In July another son Jean-Baptiste was born at sea." - Source

A few days after his arrival in Quebec, the Trottier family took the boat to Portneuf and Gilles got to work. As agreed, Gilles directs the smallholding of Portneuf, on the Seigneury of Le Neuf Sieur de la Poterie, in order to clear the land, make the wheat in summer and saw the pines and firs in the winter. Trottier operates this smallholding with its outbuildings, houses, arable land, meadows and woods. But this was not to last long, because in the fall of 1646, the Iroquois (Native Americans) unearthed the hatchet against the Hurons and their allies, the French. It is the safe that can between Quebec and Trois-Rivières, and Trottier can not "occupy" as he would have liked the said lands of Portneuf, having been forced to abandon several works; in addition, buildings constructed over twenty years of age were burnt down.

Jules Trottier had been hired by Pierre Le Gardeur, sieur de Repentigny, for Jacques Le Neuf, lord of Pottery, as carpenter of major works and ox plowman. His contract was one of the longest known during the establishment of New France: a period of 7 years. This included 46 pounds and 2 sols in advance. He was hired to be a farmer in the Portneuf smallholding. His family is not mentioned in the contract. Having left La Rochelle on July 17, 1646, the Trottier family arrived in Quebec on September 23, 1646 with an additional family member because Catherine Loiseau gave birth to a baby Jean-Baptiste during the crossing. According to many sources, the Trottier / Loiseau family is originally from Igé where a commemorative plaque has been affixed in the church (see image above). The searches of the parish registers of the Perche region carried out in 2003, 2004 and 2005 by the Research Program on the Emigration of the French in New France (PREFEN) revealed new elements on the biography of the Trottier / Loiseau family. Note, Jules has likely fostered a population of over 500,000 inhabitants throughout the world and perhaps 4000 or so carry his name.

In 1648, the Trottiers returned to Trois-Rivières and two years later, on June 7, 1650, Gilles received from M. d'Ailleboust a land of forty toises by twenty, close to those of Etienne Viens and Guillaume Pépin ( see Hameau transplant). This land is now located at the corner of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Michel streets near the river. He soon resold his property to move to Cap-de-la-Madeleine, where he bought 200 pounds from one of the victims of the Iroquois, Mathurin Guillet dit Laroche, a land on November 24, 1652. The Trottier couple spent their last days in Cape Town, saddened by the disappearance of their eldest son, Gilles, stationed in Ville-Marie (now Montreal) and fallen into the hands of the Iroquois. The father, aged nearly 65, "still under the fear that his child had been burned by these barbarians", died on May 10, 1655 and, eight months later on January 28, 1656, his widow was buried there in turn. at the age of 60.

I am a descendant of Jules Trottier II's son Pierre. He was baptized in the church of Saint-Jacques de Vaunoise on January 13, 1644. He signed a marriage contract on January 18, 1663, in the study of the notary Louis Laurent du Portail in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, with Suzanne Migaud of unknown origin, born around 1645. In 1665, Pierre acquired several lands in Côte Saint-Marc, Côte Saint-Éloy, Batiscan and Cap-de-la-Madeleine. The couple had eleven children, three boys and eight girls: Joseph, Marie, Marie-Catherine, Marie-Agnès, Marie-Madeleine, Marguerite, Marie-Josèphe, Pierre, Marie-Anne, Marie-Geneviève and an unlisted son.

From Pierre's son Joseph, from Joseph's son Pierre, from Pierre's son Joseph-Claude, from Joseph-Claude's son Jacque, from Jacque's son Joseph-Antione, from Joseph-Antoine's son Onesime, from Onesime son James, from Jame's son Mantsel, from Mantsel's son Wallace, from Wallace's son Jay-Duncan, from Jay-Duncan, I am born.

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