East Palestine Public Water Supply Attack

May 17, 2023 - Ian joined Jim White and NorthWest Liberty News to host Sentry H2O CEO, Nelson McIlveen.  Watch the interview below: 

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East Palestine, Ohio 

More than 7 tons of contaminated soil and 1M gallons of contaminated water. 

What America needs to come to grasps with is the fact that it has been invaded.  The enemy is stealth, sophisticated, calculated and incredibly crafty.   It is a war machine that has been active for millennia.  Centuries of deceptive planning and cunning art of war tactics.  Who is such enemy?  Read my explanation here. 

Invasion in America in 2023 comes in many ways.  The most obvious is at our souther border with Mexico.  Gangs, cartels, human and sex traffic, drugs, weapons, religious radicals and many more groups, ideologies, materials and products are crossing into America at an accelerated and unprecidented rate.  Why?  Because the globalist agenda is to destroy, absolve and reduce America to its knee.   To destroy the United States of America.   

Another tactic by which the enemy decays the America way of life and its societal fabric is by societal attacks from within its border.  Such displays were heightened during the Trump administration.  BLM and ANTIFA attacks were (and are) two such examples.  The Joe Biden election fraud delivered the globalist puppet back into the seat of power and thus the war tactics are now more subtle.  Not so harsh as with the BLM and ANTIFA antics.  But, the illegal border crossings have of course been increased.  So, with their globalist puppet back in the Oval Office (Joe Biden being an extension of the socialist Obama regime), we look at another way these Roman cabal continues their stealth attack on America from within: water. 

Kendal Bailey is a Newsmax contributor and TurningPointUSA ambassador.  She first brought this issue to my attention at a recent Clay Clark ReAwaken tour stop in Miami, Florida.  She says the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio was a designed attack on that city's public water system.  CEO of Sentry H2O, Nelson McIlveen concurs.  The two of them have teamed together to bring awareness to this atrocity. 

What we know.   According to Donald Trump, Joe Biden has refused to visit East Palestine.  We further know that the former US President and 2024 candidate delivered bottles of water to these residents.  

Via the DailyMailUK: 

Kendall Bailey has been the face of SentryH2O to deliver fresh water to East Palestine residents

Norfolk Southern ran the 38-car train that derailed in East Palestine on February 3, 2023.  It has taken full responsability for the toxic spill of contaminants.   But, this is not enough.  America needs to realize that being invaded by a stealth enemy means identifying possible weapons from within.  That means airliners that can be used as seeking missiles to destroy sky scrapers (ie: NYC World Trade Towers, 911).  That means, designed fires to destroy land and accelerate UN Agenda 2030.  That means, spraying toxins into a city's air (ie: NALED) to "combat ZIKA virus".... a benign virus carried by mosquitos.  This also means, manipulating train routes, targeting innocent civilizations to poisen their drinking water supply.  The more Americans remain complaicent to these types of attacks and to the fact America is actually under attack, the more this enemy continues to destroy the American people and it's country and culture.  

'We're bringing thousands of bottles of water - Trump Water, actually. Most of it. Some of it we had to go to a much lesser quality water, you want to get those Trump bottles,' he said in his speech.  


This wasn't the first time the Atlanta based railway operator has had an environmental accident.  NS which manages 28,400 miles of track, had a major spill on January 6, 2005.  This derailment resulted in a large amount of chlorine and diesel fuel being released into nearby waterways in Graniteville, South Carolina.  Additionally the town was evacuated due to a toxic cloud being released.  Local wildlife was killed, many of the local crops and vegetation were contaminated or killed, nine human deaths were reported, and thousands were injured. The company was taken to court and fined for violating the Clean Water Act and the Federal Superfund law. NS spent a total of $26 million for the cleanup (source: wikipedia).  So, 2023... 

Enter Kendall Bailey and Sentry H20.   Partnering with German water technology, Deepak Chopra and American engineering, Nelson McIlveen aims to provide East Palestine with resolution to their now contaminated water supply.   He hopes to partner with Donald Trump and elevate Trump's efforts. 

The Sentry H2O under-sink system is easy to install.  From their website, the following quote: "Not only does our zero-waste system filter out harmful toxins, but unlike Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, it also enriches water with essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and increased pH for on-demand alkalinity. After an easy 15-minute installation, you can enjoy clean, healthy, great-tasting water straight from the tap."  Once installed under your sink, their 5-step treatment process removes toxins from the city water.  As it leaves the pipe, enters and runs through their filter and exits into your sink or hand-held container (ie: bottle, pan or pot), the water runs through this 5-step system.  All contained inside their easy to install filter.  The steps are as follows and are presented here taken directly from their website: 

Stages 1 & 2: Carbon Block Filter with Sediment Wrap: The Carbon Block Filter removes chlorine, chloramines & VOCs while the Sediment Wrap captures dirt and debris up to 5 microns in size.

Stage 3: Scale Control CT Resin: This type of filtration media neutralizes soft & hard scale, phosphates, chloride, fluoride & more while also softening water to allow pH boosting.

Stage 4: Trappsorb Media: This type of filtration media captures CO₂ and H₂S, removes ammonia, phosphorous & silica without a membrane, and increases pH by boosting alkalinity, magnesium & calcium.

Stage 5: Magnesium-Coated Catalytic Carbon: This type of filtration media removes PFAs, PFOs, PFCs & Pharmaceutical VOCs while enriching water with a mildly sweet taste.

This type of catastrophy may be coming to your city

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The Norfolk Southern train derailment poisoned the East Palestine, OH public water supply.   From the company website we see that samples of the water contaminated with vinyl chloride from East Palestine, Ohio were also independently tested by Summit Environmental Technologies, Inc..   This testing happening before and after being treated with the SentryH2O Wellness System. This testing shows that the untreated water samples had significant levels of vinyl chloride present that exceeded the maximum acceptable contaminant level. Once the water was treated with the Sentry Wellness System, vinyl chloride was non-detectable.  See the lab results here

It is simple: water is life.  Clean and safe water is tantamount for an healthy life and lifestyle.  To lower the quality of life for a civilization and weaken its society, one would aim an attack on its water supply.  Clean water treatment systems such as Sentry H2O filters should be installed in every home accross American and around the globe.  In every water treatement facility in every town, city and or municipality.  Clean water should not be a luxury.  It should be a right and certainly the trademark of every happy healthy functioning society today.