Digital Slavery - QR vaccines

On the AM of Wednesday October 13, 2021 at 6:36EST, I received an electronic transmission over a public system from a woman in Ireland.  The below content is her written article.  With permission, I share with you.   I immediately transferred and posted the below contents to Medium.  Approximately two hours later, that Medium account was "suspended" and disabled.  

 Hi Ian,

Please find as attached, my PDF essay “From QR Code Health Passports, to QR code Wrist Stamps –  Joining the dots.” which is the result of 3 years research. 


This is not hubris, but I believe it is one of the most shocking, yet important pieces an individual could read right now.  

It’s not short, at approximately 15 pages, (before footnoted references and photographs), however, If you value your civil rights the and health freedom, it will be well worth your time. 

This information is factual, there for all to find, but somehow practically subterranean in both mainstream and digital media. 

The essay is a broadly academic style, fully referenced with credible sources (Such as The Lancet, The New York Times, Wired Magazine, American Scientist etc) and illustrative photographs. 

I will include the introductory pages to my attached PDF essay in this introduction directly below, to give a flavour of its content, (references and photo’s will not unfortunately attach correctly in the introductory email formatting). 

Some people have reservations about opening PDF attachments. (I do myself :), so I hope that having been sent to many directly, following request or perhaps passed on to you via trusted friends, family or colleagues, that QR Code Health Passports to QR code Wrist Stamps is read and shared widely.  


Best Wishes,   

Anne Monaghan    

B.A. (hons) ,M.A. (hons)

The following is her articled: 

“From QR Code Health Passports to QR code Wrist Stamps –

Joining the dots.” 

Health Passports/passes are being considered and legislated for travel and accessing the

services of everyday life in multiple countries worldwide

These Covid Passports or Covid Passes typically use an updated version of a bar code, called

a Quick response or QR code.

QR codes are machine readable graphics in a two-dimensional format consisting of a matrix

of black modules displayed in a square on a white background. QR Codes are akin to

standard barcodes, however QR Codes can contain significantly more information than

traditional barcodes.4

The covid pass QR codes can store up to date data an individual’s Covid test and Covid

vaccination/ booster status.

In a nutshell, this essay is to sound a loud alarm bell, that the QR code Health Passports, if

embraced internationally, are on track to facilitate the use of an entirely new medical, social,

cultural, financial, and ethical system of existence for humankind.







The passports are being introduced in a manipulative and non-transparent fashion, which has

not been subject to citizen investigation, appraisal and informed choice for use. Instead, it is

slipping into usage under the guise of being for our “health” and “safety”.

The so-called Health Passports in the context of this essay will be characterised as a hugely

significant and profoundly worrying Trojan horse civil rights issue that could affect every

man woman and child globally.

This is as connected with a brand-new kind of Covid vaccine with a fictional sounding name

of ‘The Quantum Dot Tattoo’ vaccine – yet entirely grounded in fact as funded, developed,

and trialled now by multiple alliances internationally, (such as I.D 2020 and The Gates

Foundation). 5

I will be arguing that the current QR code passports are going to function only as interim

placeholders, for the soon to be revealed QR code vaccine wrist stamp, which are to take their


Furthermore, that there is an outrageously ambitious goal to attempt to facilitate such

enormous changes on the back of this vaccine, which uniquely tie into surveillance, control

and a kind of socialist serfdom.

One where the few profits from the many in a subscription only lifestyle collectivism, the

majority are unwittingly signing up to or being coerced into using right now.

I will explain the attempted sophisticated multistrand strategy, towards an international

unform digital Identity system, allied with military and international federation backed

surveillance measures and the establishment of a blockchain digital banking system.

Despite the seemingly impossible, how the above could conceivably be endorsed by the

majority internationally because of the promise of protection from an all-encompassing and

never-ending threat, an ever-mutating virus.

For clarity’s sake and in order to forestall any below-the-line arguments, this is not an essay

focused on vaccine safety and efficacy.

The entire complex vista, rightly sounds unbelievable and bizarre - the stuff of conspiratorial

Science Fiction.



However, my assertions are verifiable, and I’ll explain with supported evidence why the app,

paper or key fob Vaccine passports are not simply a benign and pragmatic global test/vaccine

short term solution, as often touted 6


I will further outline how the passes will act as a precursor for QR code pattern, micro-needle

patch vaccine, embedded just under the top layer of the wrist, as intrinsically allied to a

system of surveillance, control and use of a one world digital currency.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the covid pass enthusiasts, the case has been made

that the passes could quite easily bring about a dystopian future



However, most are missing a pivotal piece of the puzzle. The relevance of the QR code and

the chilling pandoras box this opens. This facet is kept very quiet indeed and it needs to be

understood and shared.

I hope you will read the following referenced essay, as so much rests upon wider awareness

and action.

Health Passports / Green Passports

Rationale and Functionality

A major part of the future Covid management strategy rests on introducing a QR code “health

passport” - proof of test or vaccine status allied to evidence of Identity, for access to what has

been referred to as the “new normal”. 8

Marketing information for the Irish and front-running U.K health passports, show this remit

may extend to many of our previous rights we took for granted - access to travel, the

workplace, university attendance, medical care, dentistry, major sporting and musical events

and care home visitation access.9

The Israelis were one of the first to use health passports, in order to limit access to gyms,

hotels restaurants and large gatherings.









These passports showed both results of PCR testing and vaccine status, as a key to permitted

use of services and attendance to chosen business and the drive appeared to have been

towards hastening the use of vaccine status as the singular acceptable evidence, when

vaccines were made available to a large cohort of citizens. 10

Israel was one of the countries with the fastest Covid and largest update vaccine roll outs


The Israeli health minister Health Minister, Yuli Edelstein is reported to have encouraged

widespread vaccination “by offering advantages to those who take the shot, and also by

limiting the options of those who don’t”.

He proposed the disincentivising of a testing regime, by for example, indicating that

education workers who refuse the vaccine may have to pay for a virus test every 48 hours if

they wished to continue in employment. 12

Whilst the Covid passes were retired by June 1st in Israel, by early July their re-instatement

was being discussed with reference the rise in cases of the Covid delta variance.1314

In April 2021, Boris Johnson indicated twice weekly testing regimes for those who declined a

vaccine. 15

This followed 2020 U.K. governmental insistence that these passes were not being considered

at all, whilst there is evidence they were had been discussed for use since December 2020. 16

More recently, by the 20th of July 2021, Mr. Johnson stated that proof of negative test status

was no longer sufficient where large numbers gathered indoors “We’re planning to make full

vaccination the condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather”.


Whilst this may be considered to be alluding to recreational venues only, there are many

other circumstances where large numbers gather indoors, such as large university lecture

















halls or large factory floors, which are not and Mr. Johnson explicitly alluded to this being

only the beginning.

As he put it, “I would remind everybody that some of life’s most important pleasures and

opportunities are likely to be increasingly dependent on vaccination.”18

We are also at a point where a medical journal of note, proposes that coercion and jail time

may be acceptable for those who would decline or defer taking a covid vaccine “Penalties or

costs could include withholding of benefits, imposition of fines, provision of community

service or loss of freedoms”. 19

The Irish and U.K based QR code Health Passports, such as Covi Pass and Health Passports

Worldwide (formerly called Health Passports Ireland)20 are a selection of those being

endorsed for international use worldwide right now21


These products show evidence of test results or vaccine status on an App, paper or key-fob

via a QR code type register.

The first-to-market wearable COVID-19 vaccination documentation that tells whether

someone has or hasn’t been vaccinated has also come to market in the form of a bracelet. 22 23

(Interestingly the concept of immune status as featured on the wrist via a wristband, has been

featured in 2 major contagion movies, 2011’s “Contagion” and 2020’s “Songbird”.)2425

Operationally the QR code data can be scanned by a company, organisations or body using

QR code scanners/readers.26

This takes the user to a link authenticating the passport, whereby those who held a digital

certificate with proof of a negative test, antibodies or full vaccination status would be

admitted or given access to services.















Covi Pass, V-Passport Health Passport

RHS - CEO of Covi-Pass, James Louis Davis27 featuring in the VST enterprises COVI-PASS Vaccine Passport in the EU toned

signature colour royal blue (2020). LHS Mr. Davis as photographed with the V.S.T. QR type code wrist tattoo (2017)28

One example of a Health Passport market leader in terms of deals signed for use by

international governments is the U.K. based company, V.S.T. Enterprises, and their V-Health

Passport. (In the U.S branding the same pass is referred to as the “Covi-pass”).


The VST headquartered in Manchester England and operational in over 16 countries. It also

has a distribution base listed in Malahide, Ireland with other partnered testing centres in

Ireland. 30 31

The ROQU groups Irish Health Pass company is perhaps better known in Ireland for it’s

Health Pass Company 32 and a level of questioned business ethics regarding fees accrued for

ventilators in the national press33

- less obliquely so of course on Irish social media












However, I will focus on VST enterprises as an exemplar of an International and Irish based

company since they are more forthcoming on their business agenda in their own marketing

platforms and as commented on in media sources.

The CEO of VST Enterprises Ltd (VSATE) is the 32-year-old entrepreneur Louis James

Davis as featured above in the above industry photos.

Mr. Davis stepped down from a “science & technology ambassadorship” in Zimbabwe,

Africa to focus on the company’s role in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Collaborative Initiative35 involving “cyber technology projects across all 193 member states

of the United Nations.”36


The Covi-pass system displays various health status’ as indicating whether the individual has

tested positive or negative for Covid-19, are due for an updated test or whether they have

been vaccinated.

The user downloads the app and enters key information such as name, address, age and then

identity verification with the biometric data of their fingerprint or a facial scan.

They then take a healthcare professional administered Covid-19 test or covid vaccine, and the

results are scanned into the Covi-pass. From then it was expected the product could be used

to authenticate health status.38

Their ‘True Contact’ system is further one which includes a notification system for when

users have been in contact with one another via alerts, to update each other on test or vaccine


GDPR compliant user information as created including geolocation, time, date and device

type saw the Covi-pass/ V-Health Passport further being marketed as being useful for

potentially also displaying health status, boarding pass, event tickets “or more”.

As their marketing stated, the cyber tech company signed tech deals to supply 50 million

Covi Pass digital health passports to 15 countries back in May 2020 with their third

generation QR code.

The company had patented the advanced QR code system as the VCODE® or “WORLD’S


Deals were secured by as early as April 2020 for use and had the support of U.K. government

and broader international institutions.








As their website states “VSTE is currently using the same technology to work with the

UNITED NATIONS as part of their SDG Collaboratory (Sustainable Development Goals)

program – “to provide a wide range of technology services to 9 billion people by 2030”.


Their QR code can be scanned and read at 100 meters, at all angles and whilst in movement,

said to be an added convenience to scan crowds such as football matches and music events.41

As the company states the QR type app and tech platform, has an “infinite number of

possibilities” and certainly stands as an all-purpose passport and payment system where

cashiers are not necessary for goods and services payment.

The data as a readable stamp, on an app, key fob or paper can be utilised for holding medical

records, passport details, a broad range of health and dental records, cryptocurrency wallet,

payment methods, work and national I.D, education and dental records.

An offshoot VST enterprises company, as connected to VHealth and is Tutum Tech’s Tutum Workplace.

The business is marketed as a one stop shop for guiding a company in evaluation of safety,

testing options, workplace surveillance and control measures for covid business and site


H&S and Occupational Health specialists or an internal team, evaluates and also supports

testing and use of V-passports.

Access is granted or denied to the workplace dependant on results. (This particular web page

does not refer to vaccination at this point).

However, it does describe the use of “Geofencing” a tech which shows “when people logged

onto the system and when they entered the site along with their real-time location when on

site... GPS/Geo-Fencing and gives instant tracking of staff and incidents in either a fixed or

fluid location”.42






(VST China deal, April l 2020)

From Davis Holdings Instagram page

Photo : Options for VST code storable data, alongside

Covid immune status. From 2020 VST website.

Market watch synopsised the products use and it’s the medical segregation it can engender


The idea with these health passports is that the movement and access to services should, in

the name of safety, be limited for those the app designates as positive.

The app will be given authority to whitelist and blacklist individuals based on “its own

medical certificate” data and “third-party medical certificates.”

It is likely that the app will inform bystanders if they’re in a vicinity of someone who is

labelled “positive,” 43

An astute blog post article in The Medium notes, there was just 2 months between the

western lockdowns being announced and the May 8th 2020 statement of the fully formed VST

Covi-pass, Health passport system and internationally signed deals,44 a quite remarkable feat.

This citizen journalism piece by Arron Davidson, was one of many outside of the mainstream

media contextualising a potential for health passport misuse, though there were notable

exceptions, (for example The New York Times). 45






Mr. Davidson referenced a communist Chinese social credit style system extending into

democracies via passport mission creep, while the orthodox press was largely quite silent on

the topic.

Health Passports Internationally

Current Use and general English-speaking media/government reception

By July 2021, the very real possibility of passports for everyday life are no longer mooted as

the imaginings or conversations of the paranoid conspiratorialists.

The idea of facial scanning twinned with proof passport mooted for such casual socialising as

the culturally familiar Irish and U.K. “going down to the pub” is now of course the stuff of

front-page factual reporting.46

In Ireland legislature was voted through on the 13th of July for a covid two tier society system

and formalised as signed into statute books on the 21st of July. This starts as pertaining to the

ruing that only the fully vaccinated or those who have recovered from Covid-19 and their children

can eat and drink indoors.47

The passports, as mentioned, are widely lauded for their potential application in getting

people back to normal, for encouraging uptake of vaccination, for health and safety in

protecting individuals and for supporting a burdened health care system.

The drawbacks typically mentioned in main-stream media, if mentioned at all, are potential

for discrimination, that the science and theoretical assumptions which underpins them is

flawed (re. variants, testing validity, vaccination not significantly proven to hinder

transmission etc.) and the security of ones data is not copper fastened. 48

Multiple European countries as mentioned in the introduction are now using some form of

vaccine passports.49

A majority Yes Eu vote on the roll out of so-called GREEN vaccine/test proof passes in

Europe for travel, occurred on the basis of a short deliberation and a barely signposted EU

bill in March 2021. This was despite a prior prevalent pessimism of its successful passing. 50









As Politico reported:

“MEPs have agreed to fast-track voting on the European Commission’s plan to create a bloc-

wide travel pass that confirms coronavirus vaccination, immunity or testing status.

The Commission unveiled its proposal last week for the so-called digital green certificate,

which is supposed to help re-start robust travel across the bloc.

It has pushed to roll out the certificates swiftly, with plans to have the pass as operational by


Many states in the U.S such as New York, are indicating use of Health passes such as the so-

called Excelsior pass, by summer 2021.

52 53

Cards are currently in use in a voluntary capacity for businesses54, however a Microsoft,

vaccine passport coalition for a unified U.N and U.S supported platform is yet another

prestigiously backed Rockefeller funded Passport for travel and ‘return to normal life’ system

which is in progress. 55

In America, Dr. Anthony Fauci has indicated that the US government would not be rolling it

out on a federal level, however this did not prohibit the kind of de facto mandatory situation

which would occur should it be permitted by industry. As he put it himself :

“I'm not saying that they should or that they would, but I'm saying you could foresee how an

independent entity might say, 'Well, we can't be dealing with you unless we know you're

vaccinated.' But it's not going to be mandated from the federal government”. 56

Confusingly, The WHO have stated cautiously that the passports should not be used, with

regards passport status equity and general issues of data privacy and ethics as for travel, yet

simultaneously recommended vaccine passports for international travel temporarily. 57

They had further indicated that they would be meeting mid-April to consider making that

suggestion permanent., though by July 2020 no updated had been furnished on this. 58













As Hans Kluge, WHO Europe’s regional director explained: “We do not encourage at this

stage that getting a vaccination determines whether you can travel internationally or not”, and

also : “We encourage very strongly, as with any vaccine, that there is documentation, whether

it is paper-based or preferably digital, which is why WHO is working on a smart digital


Vaccine Passport Critics and Push Back

Interestingly by summer 2021 multiple state governors in the U.S. had taken a remarkably

firm stand against the health passports and subsequently enacted laws that banned certain

requirements based on COVID-19 inoculation status, such as so-called ‘vaccine passports’.

States which passed this legislation, included Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho and Florida. 60

Whilst a deep dive on the potential for mission creep and serious misuse has begun to receive

some mainstream media airtime, the most notable figures and civil rights bodies speaking out

typically need to utilise their own social media platforms or the permitted outer fringes of

mainstream media.

Naomi Wolf, Feminist author and former political consultant for Bill Clinton and Al Gore,

has been unequivocal on her criticisms of the Vaccine passports61:

I can not say this forcefully enough: This is literally the end of human liberty in the West if

this plan unfolds as planned.

“Vaccine passport” sounds like a fine thing if you don't understand what these platforms can

do. I'm the CEO of a tech company, I understand what this platform does. It is not about the

vaccine or the virus, it is about your data. What people need to understand is that any other

functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all.

What that means is that can be merged with your Paypal account, digital currency, Microsoft

is talking about merging it with payment plans, your networks can be sucked up, it geolocates

you wherever you go. All of your medical history can be included -- this has already

happened in Israel.

And six months later, we're hearing from activists that it is a two-tiered society and basically








activists are ostracized and surveyed continually. It is the end of civil society, and they are

trying to roll it out around the world.

It is absolutely so much more than a vaccine pass, it is -- I can not stress enough that it has

the power to turn off your life, or to turn on your life, to let you engage in society or be


The U.K. Civil liberties organisation, Big Brother Watch, also warned of draconian

segregation and voiced profound unease with the system, it’s genesis, aims and

wrongheadedness in its 39 page report.62


Former Pfizer science chief and ex Pfizer VP, Dr Mike Yeadon, concurred with these lines of

criticism. 64

Despite his eminent academic credentials and history in vaccinology he was rarely invited to

discuss same in mainstream media print and T.V.65

Instead Dr. Yeadon had to voice his increasing alarm via his own social media, independent

social media interviews and independent non-censorial video platforms.66

The lowry institute, a prestigious Australian think tank, spelled out the implications China’s

covid related cyber powered social control capabilities, with potential implications for human

rights worldwide, in their meticulous 54-page analysis.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has emboldened Beijing to expand its use of digital technologies

in the name of public health and safety. From mass surveillance, tracking intelligence, and

internet censorship to the use of social credit systems, augmented data-collection capabilities,

and big data, China’s new normal exposes and expands encroachments on civil liberties.”67

Among one of many things which may not have helped quell the unease - that vaccine

passports were not simply crisis-reactive solution technology happenstance, was the












The provable assertions that a vaccine travel passport had been in the research and planning

stages since 2018, designated as finishing with a Europe wide citizen “vaccine passport for

all” by 2022. 68 69 70

link to vaccine passport strategy details as per above screengrab 71

Vaccine passports since 201872

As can be seen there is much to discuss in terms of ethics and civil rights versus

responsibilities, with the potential for gross misuse being signalled at this point by amongst

others, a notable academic, prestigious scientist, and a variety of civil liberties groups

regarding a QR Card, App or Laynard.

Unfortunately, the situation is potentially significantly worse than those speaking out

anticipate, as predicated on the proposition of a Qr code app, papers or key fob.

Consider the implication of a QR code system with all of the same rights and “freedoms”

assigned, all of the same potential “infinite possibilities” for use in banking and everyday life.

However instead of that system of rights or prohibition being allied exclusively to a vaccine,

or test status on an app card or lanyard or passport, it is instead a status and data that is

embedded on an individual’s own wrist?








The QR code “Quantum Dot Tattoo”

sub-dermal vaccine patch


“Will Travel be safer by 2022” 73

Notably a product in development over the last decade and trailed in recent times, is a

nanoparticle Vaccine with a QR code pattern, which is “tattooed” sub dermally within the


It is not a marking visible to the naked eye, but rather visible with the use of a simple scanner

device. 75

The “Quantum Dot Tattoo” Vaccine product, was created after research and development, via

the Gates Foundation / G.A.V.I/ Accenture / Microsoft Trust Stamp / The Rockefeller

Foundation and other associations plus alliances.76

Its stated goals being to support the under privileged and unbanked of Asia and Africa.77

The product is the ID2020 “Quantum Dot Tattoo” (the ID prefix referring to “identity”).78

It is quite possibly being re-named and re-branded and lose as the so-called SMART vaccine

patch, developed in Swansea, as associated by the Gates funded Imperial college, U.K..79

This is the microneedle vaccine patch, which adheres to the wrist or hand.

M.I.T. upon the direct request of Mr. Gates oof Microsoft and philanthropy fame, worked to

develop the QR code pattern - a so called “invisible” pattern, utilising luciferase, (a

luminescent enzyme of a fruit fly). 80









The vaccine encodes medical information in a patient's skin using near-infrared quantum dots

(NIR QDs) — invisible to the naked eye but detectable when exposed to near-infrared light.

A scanner device application of an optimised phone with filters can then “read” this


There are said to be multiple advantages to the microneedle patch, including the fact they are

perceived as near painless, do not require the cold storage many vaccines require, nor perhaps

even medical or administering personnel as they can be self-applied. 81

One concerning aspect of a QR based “Health passport” becomes evident in light of this.

That is that in time citizens who have had the early Covid injectable vaccines, may be

required to sign up to using the eminently more convenient tech readable QR code “Quantum

Dot Tattoo” Vaccine as a booster or in the form a “new and improved” pandemic times


There are legitimate concerns about the enormous erosion of civil liberties this could

constitute and valid fears about the societal coercion to accept a “warp speed” experimental

Covid vaccine or at a future date a QR code “Quantum Dot” Vaccine.

If we accept the use of health passports for tests, plus then the Covid vaccines, the

widespread necessity to use QR code-based evidence for daily living is normalised and fully


Those who prefer to delay or decline a Covid vaccine and perhaps the future QR based

vaccines, would be quite severely precluded from societal interaction and the former access

to goods/ services taken for granted in modern democracies.

A further look into the nature of the Quantum Dot Tattoo is useful, to evaluate just how likely

this biologic is to be brought to international market, for widespread or mandatory use and

later, how this biologic is associated with surveillance tech and digital banking.

Articles describing the Gates 1D2020 Quantum Dot tattoo, were not explicit on what the

exact “pattern” the tattoo microneedle patch would embed into the skin.

80 This is a sensationalist type claim I’m aware, it’s the factually correct term for a luminescent product which

was likely not expected to have had worldwide attention. As an agnostic, who’s primary concern is health and

informed consent, I have no interest in engaging with this topic, but it would be remiss not to state exactly how a

product can be read by scanner in a technical sense.

81 "Microneedle-based patches could even be self-administered which would dramatically hasten roll-out and



Recently however a BBC travel article cited a M.I.T. Researcher say they were working on a

QR codes for the tattoo vaccine.82 (Quite surprisingly this paragraph was later edited out

when I returned to reread it), though the context of travel remains in the article. 83

However, a 2019 article also referred M.I.T’s use of a bar code QR code on pig skin and

cadaver skin in earlier trials84

Rice university too, as referenced have referred to “something like a bar code” being used

(and the QR code is an updated form of bar code85

Kevin Mc Hugh stated in News Rice edu:

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation came to us and said ‘We have a real problem -

knowing who's vaccinated [...] so our idea was to put the record on the person. This way

people can scan over the area to see what vaccines have been administered and give the ones

still needed’.

The Gates / GAVI / Cepi/ ID2020 / WHO supported Quantum Dot vaccine is currently being

trialled in Africa86, (though the use of these biometrics and vaccine testing in the continent is

not without controversy). 87 88

Vaccine needle sub dermal patches. 89

It’s clear international media and government are supportive of the widespread use of a Covid

vaccine for return, as Bill Gates put it, to the “New Normal”.

This is despite the fact that the genome DNA and mRNA covid vaccine front runners, come

with all the attendant risks of a “high speed”, experimental vaccine and technology.



83 I had fortunately taken screen grabs on the day of reading it, as added in isolating the researchers’ paragraphs.

Please see as attached and circled in red.









DNA and mRNA vaccines were never before given widespread approval for human use,

despite decades of study.

This was because of significant associations in animal trials of adverse effects, tumours and

chronic autoimmunity and other significant risks, for example, with relation to the novel

CRISPR technology and unchecked scientific ethics.

90 91

Issues around safety was also in fact voiced publicly in relation to the covid vaccines, by

well-known figures in vaccinology and Covid health strategy, outside of just pre-eminent

silenced critics such as Dr.. Mike Yeadon.



Paul Offit, Peter Hotez and even Doctor Fauci, warned that any new coronavirus vaccine

could trigger a dangerous or even lethal immune reactions from a “vaccine enhancement,” -

an auto immune response after vaccinated people come in contact with the wild virus. 94 95 96


There are also valid concerns around the risk of Pathogenic Priming/ A.D.E. in light of Sars

Cov 2 prior animal studies and the risks of vaccine potentiation has been a primary concern in

terms of unmitigated negative consequences. .98 99 100 101 102

90 This is the hard-to-swallow truth about a future coronavirus vaccine (and yes, I'm a doctor) | The Independent























That is with the possibility of severe negative affect, whereby the immune system overreacts

on exposure to subsequent coronavirus with a massive hyper inflammatory response, a

“cytokine storm”, which can lead to multi-organ failure and death. 103 104

This response in the animal trials was not temporarily related – that means that the adverse

reaction did not occur within hours or days, with a time lag of up to 18 months between shot

and adverse effect.

Therefore, it’s been asserted that this reactivity if observed in the population, could quite

easily be categorised as a vaccine failure, the result of a more virulent strain, or the grounds

for emphasising the need for boosters, to enhance diminished vaccine protection.105

It is clearly therefore worth asking why nations would move from offering the more

traditional form of injectable Covid vaccine, to a QR code nanoparticle Vaccine and how far

along this new product is in research and development (R&D)?

Transient viruses, such as each year's flu shot, typically mutate, so it’s not a giant leap that

the single strain Covid vaccine is deemed as potentially inadequate in time? (This sentence

was written in fall 2020 and has since of course transpired). 106

Just such a new vaccine, proposed to have wider application, was quite far along in R&D

though it faced setbacks.

This vaccine is referred to as the “Universal Flu” vaccine.107 It is not a giant leap to posit the

suggestion that citizens would be better “protected” against multiple strains of the

coronavirus and have enormous government and industry backing, towards roll out of the

“Universal Flu Vaccine” - a product which was at one point expected to be ready by 2021. 108

Interestingly, Geert Vanden Bossche, prominent vaccine researcher, virologist and GAVI /

Gates foundation industry affiliate109 has ostensibly been very publicly sounding his alarm

about impending catastrophe as related to the international Covid Vaccine rollout. (He has

also attracted criticism for the science behind same). 110
















110 https://37b32f5a-6ed9-4d6d-b3e1-


Of interest most here though, is that Mr. Vanden Bossche had signposted as an alternative

which would not be subject to issues around mutating viruses, himself with reference to the

“UniFlu” vaccine.

The Uniflu product is actually one which Mr. Vanden Bossche has much expertise in research

and development - which could be said to invite questions around professional conflict of

interest and lack of transparency since it seeds demand for a product he has been involved



At this point the “Quantum Dot Tattoo” QR code vaccine may be proposed as vehicle for

same, especially as Dr. Fauci has worked on the board of the Gates Foundation and is likely

supportive of the Quantum Dot associations strategy.112

Furthermore, industry funding and investment increases its likelihood of reaching market,

since billions have been spent of this vaccine.

Mainstream media, particularly in the U.S. are now engaged in discussing the potential for

hacking or “faking” of QR code app/ fob/ paper systems, when deemed an intrinsic covid re-

entry required passport. 113 114


It is plausible that it could be asserted that the only sure-fire way to close the loophole of

faked QR code evidence, would be to have biologically embedded evidence.

This is proof which can neither be tampered with, stolen, faked, or lost.

There are a selection of reasons why other options may not have been considered, such as

adding a QR code to a passport or driving licence.

Taking just one major western democracy, as an example, in the U.S. just 43% of the

population have a passport. 116 and whilst 89% have a drivers’ licence, these are for an adult

demographic of over 16’s.

Drivers’ licences are certainly subject to a higher risk of being tampered with than a passport

(and both are easily lost were they to be necessary for use in everyday life).



There is also however, a precedent for discussion and strategy around vaccination and digital

identity solutions internationally.

A digital identity system, as tied to a vaccine, was proposed by vaccine alliance members, for

assisting the worlds disadvantaged children internationally, as outlined in a 2018 ID2020

article entitled “Immunization: an entry point for digital identity”.













Within the piece, it’s stated that “Globally, an estimated 95% of children receive at least one

dose of some vaccine” “creating a significant opportunity to scale digital identity”.

The piece highlighted the same kinds of issues as per covid papers, laynards or cards, “paper

records kept within a clinic are often difficult to analyze and the immunization cards given to

families are prone to loss and inaccuracies.”

Prior to this, in an article from Nature in 2017, “Immunization needs a technology boost”

stated that digital identity as allied to vaccination, was imperative to vaccination and global

health goals. 120

“Tens of millions of children have no formal record of their existence — especially those

living in remote, impoverished or vulnerable communities. This global identity crisis is so

important that it has its own indicator (number 16.9) under the United Nations’ Sustainable

Development Goals (SDGs) intended to ensure that everyone has a legal identity by 2030.”

At the time of publishing, the article referenced a trial whereby an identity marker with a chip

which could be read by an optimised phone and filter, was being trialled on children in


“A necklace worn by infants contains a unique identification number on a short-range

communication chip. Community health workers can scan the chip using a mobile phone,

enabling them to update a child’s digital record even in remote areas with little phone


So, looking back retrospectively, we can see that vaccines and digital identity solutions were

very much at the centre of a global health conversation prior to 2020/21 when the Quantum

Dot tattoo biometrics identity as tied to covid vaccines became a possibility.

In October 2020, Bill Gates said life can get “back to normal” only when a *second

generation* of Covid-19 vaccines is widely available and the virus is eradicated worldwide –

a higher bar than was set for any disease in history and it appears as this is the script that has

been followed internationally since that time. 121

But how does all of this tie in with technology, surveillance, and banking? (A question and

inferred statement of fact, that at first glance certainly stretches credulity).

The evidence shows that the vaccine is in fact, allied to identifying data and digital banking

in a multi system product.

The nanoparticle, QR code Vaccine, is being trialled to store data such as birth records,

education records and a so-called identity “solution”.

This is evident in an MIT report, published in December 2019 in Science Translational

Medicine, confirmed that ; “intradermal QDs can be used to reliably encode information and






can be delivered with a vaccine, which may be particularly valuable in the developing world

and open up new avenues for decentralized data storage and biosensing.”


This was proposed as advantageous for low-income citizens and the vaccine, a medical

biologic all children get in developing countries, is regarded as a convenient vehicle to tie in

with biometric data unalterable identification metrics.

That’s in the form of an Iris scan plus digital finger printing, hence the name ID2020 (an

identity system).

Microsoft donated $1 million to the ID2020 Alliance in September 2019 seeking to "leverage

immunization as an opportunity to establish digital identity" and to use biometrics to improve

vaccine coverage in developing nations.

MasterCards TrustStamp is working currently in association with ID2020, to introduce a

digital banking system, which ties into the Quantum Dot Tattoo Vaccine.123 124

This is purported to be helpful for citizens in developing nations who struggle with access to

banking, “the great unbanked” in need of digital banking, plus access easy international

money transfer.125

Though the competition for provision of a singular unifying digital currency is evident and

the orthodox banking system appear to be strategizing their own allied trajectory to their own

crypto or digital currency, so the field is somewhat in flux 126

2020/21 saw massive international upgrades of higher capacity in telecommunications

technology (5,6,7,8G etc), Elon Musks satellites, plus Amazons top tier security services.



These could conceivably be required to hold significant amount of covid medical data in the

cloud, or to support new bio surveillance systems in a secure manner, all purported to be

particularly necessary for Covid strategy into the future. 129 130 131

At this point issues of data collection, storage and privacy plus it’s inter-country operability

is at discussion stages and somewhat in flux.

132 133


















As mentioned, one of the current “Health Passports” in the form of an app, card or key fob,

can in some instances be read from an optimised phone at 100 metres and at any angle (the


This begs the question – is it plausible that the QR code sub dermal vaccine could be read and

analysed, and details stored by optimized technology in the same way by business, education,

transport and in the job sphere or with mission creep, used during citizen protest assembly’s

ostensibly for “security” purposes?

If it did come to pass, that a further wave and repeated lockdown engendered public backing

for a more secure stamp to indicate ones vaccine status and key to normalcy, this would be a

very different kind of society than had come before for the modern democracies.

One involving unprecedented levels of technological surveillance and controls, allied with a

digital banking system, which further makes a cashless society functionally plausible.

As mentioned, one of the factors which could lead to a call for a more secure verification

system is a succession of virus mutations, especially were one to have significantly higher

positive numbers, hospitalisations and/or fatalities.

Were the results of a widespread long terms vaccine adverse effects to become evident, might

this be read as the result of a viral mutation, versus, for example the plausible consequence of

a warned vaccine pathogenic priming autoimmune response?

Blame for this outbreak could be ascribed to the small numbers of those who have declined or

delayed the covid vaccine or delayed in good faith or said to have been bad actors and hacked

the QR system to their advantage?

The attraction of the entirely secure verification becomes clearly more evident were both of

these eventualities to have transpired in a close time period.

An appropriate question to ask would be, how the majority could conceivably become in

favour of a digital currency system as allied to a vaccine stamp.

Without the circumstances of economic disadvantage, surely data protection and civil

liberties, would trump the convenience factor in modern democracies.

In a problem, reaction, solution model, a digital currency that was unimpeachable un-

hackable and tightly allied to our identity would only become highly attractive were the

traditional banking system having come under threat in a cybersecurity sense.

Or cash to have somehow lost its familiar attraction.

There are two very plausible mechanisms by which this is possible.

The first is the narrative that cash, as a frequently passed form of paper and metal, is cited as

being a vector of Covid transmission.134





This gained enormous international traction in the mainstream media and among the general

public, so much so that it is easily observes on the city high street where businesses signpost

their preference for card over cash, at the point of sale, with reference to “Covid Safety”.

The second is based upon the international security warnings, that an international hacking

event could destabilises banking and services in an unprecedented digital virus hacking event.

(Bill & Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations just to recall, were co-sponsors of Event

201, a pandemic planning exercise that became reality just a few months later).136

In June 2021 The World Economic Forum held an event to prepare for a digital virus called

the “Global Polygon” in light of fears for an event which would they alleged would make the

Covid Virus appear as an insignificance in comparison. 137

This was predicated on a November 2020, World Economic Forum (WEF) and Carnegie

Endowment for International Peace co-produced report.138 One which warned that the global

financial system was increasingly vulnerable to debilitating cyber-attacks.

They advocated for an alliance of Wall Street banks, their regulators and intelligence

agencies as necessary to confront an allegedly imminent cyber-attack which could collapse

the existing financial system.

The acceleration of the international banking from paper and coin, towards a digital platform

would clearly be considered more plausible were such a strongly predicted event to occur.

The intersection of the current top-down fascination with the connectivity of technologies and

medical diagnostics / treatments with re-ordered societal structure and functioning has

merited much analysis by sceptical citizen journalists who access the freedom of the

uncensored social media to express concerns.

Allegations abound the World Economic Forums enthusiasm towards orchestrating an

alliance between the so-called internet of things and the Internet of bodies, which

unfortunately beyond the scope of this essay but worth close attention with themes such as

the transhumanism and technology. 139










The ostensible virus health “solution” could be characterised pragmatic digital child-

trafficking/abuse solution to make it an even more palatable strategy.

One of the U.N.s stated sustainable development goals as mentioned is to protect children

“from abuse, exploitation and trafficking”.140

As referred to previously - the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, stressed

its commitment to “provide legal identity for all, including birth registration” by 2030.

With 1.1 billion people living without identity, ID2020 would be faced with a a challenge to

roll this out aggressively in this time frame with their goals to go beyond providing an official

birth certificate to people in impoverished countries.

According to their official site, “A unique convergence of trends provides an unprecedented

opportunity to make a coordinated, concerted push to provide digital ID to everyone,”

When you read further, these ‘trends’ include rising global connectivity, emerging

technologies such as blockchain and biometrics and a global call for a “New model of ID.”

ID2020 have in fact furthered strategic partnerships with organizations whose primary

functions are digital financial services and applying solutions for a completely digital user-

friendly wallet.

Everest, announced at the Davos, Switzerland 2019 World Economic Forum ID2020’s first

‘Certification Mark for digital identity solutions,’ Kiva Protocol and Gravity.Earth. 141

If the technology were there to both ensure childhood vaccination, including a covid vaccine,

alongside an embedded identity marker, this would be a perfect “solution”, to ensure child

safety from exploitative child traffickers.

What we have for now, therefore is a position whereby those that those fearful for their health

will only be “safe” when regular testing / a proven universal vaccine facilitates this.

If this solution comes WITH a side of bio/ data surveillance for a digital identity system and

digital banking, it’s more than many perhaps bargained for at the offset but may accept.

And using the Problem / Reaction / Solution model, one can also work backwards from the

solution to the problem, with the genuinely concerning child trafficking issue and see that the

same ends are plausible as an can’t-say-no resolution.






If the QR code based Health Passports go ahead, it’s epoch changing. The workplace, the

streets and seats of education normalised as sites of surveillance.142

To recap, it’s also a quite dystopian vista for those who value the rights, independence and

heath / civil liberty freedoms we took for granted in a modern democracy.143

If an individual were deemed to have published commentary critical of their government, had

attended a peaceful march or behaved in a manner deemed somehow inappropriate, could this

system negatively affect their rights and their privacy?

It’s evident that with a digital banking system certainly, there is great ease in fines applied

with immediacy, as withdrawn from an individual's account for examine, (versus withheld

cash money until arbitration, if deemed an unfair verdict).

With an identity stamp and facial recognition tech, tied to one’s immune status, there is the

possibility of significant reduced privacy, potential restrictions on movement imposed in a

much more draconian fashion than the traditional road block etc.

Autocratic/ communist regimes would be empowered to take advantage of enhanced

surveillance and financial digital data systems to oppress critical journalists, academics or

opposing politicians.

And is there even more to it that this? Could our actions or behaviours be monetised or

stratified in terms of commerce as some claim.

Alison McDowell is an enormously articulate and incisive analysts of the globalist agenda,

the powerful think tanks such as the World Economic Forum and monolithic Silicon Valley


Her contention on this topic is very well worth reading: , “the broader intent behind coerced

adoption of biometric digital identities is to link individuals and communities to smart sensor

networks, digital currency, and impact investing – human capital futures markets in

measurable behaviour change tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”. 145

Microsoft’s Patent WO606060146 of March 2020, refers to a type of “Human body activity

associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency










system and refers to the possibility of employing “any other sensor or scanner that can

measure or sense body activity or scan human body”.

It is very opaquely written for the non-engineer/lawyer, but from my reading, it feasibly

appears to fit the possibility of incentivising actions or offering employment facilitated by

biometrics and paid into that which is biometric and QR code affiliated.

Will Business Owners Embrace QR code commerce?

A final and necessary piece to this puzzle for a vista like this to come to pass, is the necessary

co-operation of businesses and commerce plus private industry.

And this is in fact occurring, as the technology is observable embraced for the first time in a

rapid uptake fashion outside of China.

Ireland has recently signed in legislation to require bars and restaurants to police covid

vaccine and immune status, though the fine print “how” of this is still being discussed. 147

Analysis of this Health Amendment Bill by Irish solicitor Tracey O’Mahoney, explains how

legislation permits for extension beyond the locus of bars and restaurants and into many other

indoor spaces. 148

Personally, I have observed QR codes becoming very widespread on cards, letterheads,

business windows in local bars, airports, government buildings etc in the last 2 months!

By summer 2020, I was told in 2 restaurants in Spain, that it was illegal for them now to

supply customers with a menu.

I was directed to use my QR code feature on my phone, to connect their QR code affixed to

the dining table in order to view the businesses fare.


148 (at 5:20)


Perhaps as Edward Snowden put it, we should be careful of an “Architecture of Oppression”

being put in place in Covid times, from which we could not return from.149

This entire QR code future system starts with the widespread international accepting or

refusal of a QR code “Health Passport”.

If we look now at Irelands nearest neighbour, the U.K, there has already been a 100 million

operation, for the roll out strategy of these “Health Passports” nationwide (“Operation

Moonshot”, see in links).150



And by spring 2021, the first European vote towards a Green passport, QR proof of negative

covid PCR test or Covid vaccination status proof was for travel, was passed by a majority at a

U.N vote, segueing into the withholding of access to indoor services.152

What occurs for those without a Health Passport QR code for proof, first of the test status,

then proof of experimental “warp speed” covid shot, later supplanted by Quantum dot

vaccine skin stamped status?

Those who delay or decline and their families who do likewise may be unable to buy, sell,

move freely, assemble with others – they may be shunned, fined or threatened with


They are likely to become societal cast outs, in a bizarre new Totalitarian Covid system

management apartheid.

Will the dominant social system be one which, after the fact, people notice inexplicably align

with the values of the World Economic Forum and United Nations, a topic unfortunately well

beyond the scope of this essay to detail in any further, but very much worth researching. 153

154 155 156

Hopefully there will be a greater awakening, amongst those who perhaps later become

increasingly uncomfortable with covid management strategy and allied “new order”

landscapes, notoriously promoted in the W.E.C. advertising as the fiscal reshaping that “We

will own nothing and be happy”.157?












And a closer analysis too of primary material to evaluate what stands behind the ostensibly

noble goals of the “Great Reset”, the “5th Industrial Revolution” and U.N. 17 Goals

respectively is occurring in unlikely places.

Perhaps the vista detailed in this essay may prompt further questions as to Quo Bono (“who

benefits”) beyond the obvious, such as pharmaceutical profits.


And if further questions do arise regarding underlying ideologies being advanced, then these

are the further threads abve worth following, for those who haven’t done so already

For now, those who are informed and have valid reasons to be concerned, really do need to

take action.

Where Do We Go From Here ?

Dr. Mike Yeadon former Pfizer Vice President and Chief of Science 159

I hope we can discuss and debate this issue individually and collectively in detail and push

back against a QR code, seemingly benign “Health passport”, system becoming mandatory.



159 Dr. Mike Yeadon

could-put-us-under-total-control/Dr. Mike Yeadon Video -


Personally, I’ll be sharing this widely on social media, to journalists, lawyers, rights groups,

certain politicians and to the business community, plus boycotting any service or business

who uses it.

I'll be learning common law, as I've been informed that it's a very intelligible system, which

can go a long way to help protect myself, my family and my business and even legally

perhaps to prevent some of the actions that are strategized. (I'm at an early point in my

research on same or I would have shared more on this).

Perhaps there is the possibility for groups to come together in various interest groups or

industries and crowdfund legal cases towards foiling this endeavour?

I hope others can please consider some of these actions too and I know many are doing this

(and so much more!:).

I am one person with a very small social media presence and a small business sending out an

essay but know that even a small dedicated few can make all the difference in the world.

If you are also concerned and haven not engaged with this issue before, but would now like to

be proactive, please choose any or all of the strategies that work for you to help quash the QR

System, with all it ushers in.

It certainly feels to me, now we near mid-2021, that we're running out of time, that being

complacent or hoping someone else will fix this will lead us and our loved ones into a very

dark place.

So as the saying goes perhaps this is the time to really tune into the maxim:

"If not you, who?

If not now, when"?

Every voice and every action count and if that happens, there is no reason the ordinary decent

human centred majority can't thwart the ideologies and objectives of the quite clearly

manipulative and dangerous minority.

If I have sent this by email and you have found it at all useful, you are most welcome to share

in its unedited whole.

And if you are on social media and would like to make a STORY on this issue, I have many

more illustrative easy images I can pass on for you to share this in a compelling, simple way

that people can grasp. Please don’t hesitate to email me back and request them.


Take care and hope to see us all on the other side of the darkness some day ! : )

Anne Monaghan

All Rights Reserved. © July 2021