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Fin-Tech — The Great Reset

Ian Trottier

Nov 15, 2020·14 min read

The frontier for sustainable development (Agenda 21): Financial Technology.

If the chaos around the 2020 US Presidential election outcome, is any indication, you see for yourself, blatantly that, The Great Reset is well underway.

I urge you to, right now, direct your thoughts to a new concept: financial tyranny in form of technocracy. See Patrick Wood. I now ask you to take a moment and ask yourself what the true intention of the Trilateral Commission is. Formed in 1973 by David Rockefeller:

“…in populist political circles the Trilateral Commis-

sion is a transparent device to achieve New World Order,

which sound suspiciously like other dictatorial “World

Orders.” From this viewpoint Trilateral are enemies of

freedom and intent on gaining a monopoly of world political

power for their own benefit.” Click here

In 1979, Patrick Wood and Antony Sutton co-authored the book: Trilaterals Over Washington. Ill go into Dr. Sutton’s work more extensively in this article. But as basic ground-work, it is important to know that the words: finance and technology help one understand the motives of the concept of technocracy and therefore the intentions behind what we are seeing come to light in 2020 as The Great Reset. All will make more sense as you read on.

Led by China, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) a major global economic pact, has just been reached. The world has long been formed into geo-economic sections by the European based banking cartel that runs and control her trade and shipping lanes. But that aside, as I quickly digress… how does a political election equate to global economy? Very simply: follow the money. The question you should be asking yourself is: WHO is behind it (The Great Reset)? WHO (pun intended) and Agenda 21 written subsequently come as no coincidence, either. Just as it is no coincidence that Rockefeller donated the land that the United Nations sits on at the base of Murray Hill in Manhattan. Nor is there coincidence that David Rockefeller, former Chairman and CEO (1969–1980) of Chase Manhattan Bank, brokered the deal (construction began Aug 6, 1968) with the NY Port Authority for the “Twin Towers”. The land where One World Trade Center currently sits. Folks, money leaves a trail. Rockefeller was no slouch. He had a BA from Harvard, studied a year at the London School of Economics and had an MA and PhD from University of Chicago. Of course he was born into an incredible amount of wealth — in so much that his grand-father’s company was “dismantled” for being illegal in the US, a monopoly — The Standard Oil Company. And, of course, JD was the largest donor to the establishment for the creation of the University of Chicago. Yes, the same school David earned his degrees from. Founded in 1890 by a $600k grant from JD Rockefeller and a $400k grant by his close associate, the American Baptist Education Society. JD was a Baptist and in fact, speaking of China, purchased the Peking Union Medical College in 1915 via the Rockefeller Foundation, from the London Missionary Society. The China Medical Board was created by JD and his foundation a year earlier.Let me repeat that: 1912 Standard Oil “dissolved” due to US anti-trust laws. 1913 the Rockefeller Foundation was established. 1913 the US Federal Reserve Central Bank established. 1914 JD RF created the China Medical Board and in 1915 it purchased the Peking Union Medical College in China. That opens quite a few doors for David to step through in subsequent years and decades. And it grows many branches for the UN tree to hang its various hats on.

What does Donald Trump call Covid-19? “The China virus”? Is it possible it could be the “Rockefeller virus”. A New World Economic Order virus? No coincidences? Let me then insert this: if the Rockefeller have a 100 year plan for global health care that was released in 2013 (click here) is it possible that they began investing in Chinese health in 1914 to divert money away from Europe? WWI started the same year: 28th, July 1914. And speaking of world wars.. it was Rockefeller gasoline that fueled the Luftwaffe… as planes dropped bombs on London. Banking conundrum? If you think like and act like a monarchy without borders, I think not. So, Ill say this before I proceed: health. Did I mention the University of Chicago is a renown medical institution? The Rockefeller Foundation own a patent on the ZIKA virus. I remember that well. I will republish this link in a later paragraph but, click it now to understand why I write what I do:

Ian Trottier

Donald J. Trump took office in 2016. Not a friend of the Paris Agreement, Trans-Pacific Partnership, or NAFTA. Is there method behind what many see as Trump’s brash political moves? Has his 2020 re-election been hijacked? From “Russian collusion”, to the Impeachment hearings, to the global coronavirus pandemic… his presidency, if not having been under a systematic attack since day 1, has seen perhaps more domestic challenges of any US President of recent history. Why? Let’s suggest, for his resentment of the New World Economic Order — that clearly moves to abolish the United States of America as we know it and re-create it as a simple nation-state that is subject to the orders and moves of the totalitarian central banking government cartel that reigns behind the neutral banks of the politically modest Switzerland. Ala families like the Rockefeller and/or Bush. Puppets of the New World Economic bankers? You may now revisit the Skull and Bones Society at Yale University through the publications of Dr. Antony Sutton — Stanford Hoover Institute. Thus, is it accurate to state that Donald Trump is no friend of a One World Order and that he is friend of a great, strong, free, independently thriving, United States of America? What a concept, right? How one nation, with a just Constitution, with freedoms for ALL religions, for ALL walks of life, for all ethnicities, to thrive, co-exist, co-operate and simply love one another an get along.

It was Dr. Peter Beter, former JFK advisor, as appointed General Counsel for the Export-Import Bank of the United States (1961–1967), that accused the Rockefeller brothers of selling the gold deposited in Fort Knox to the IMF. Listen to his audio here. Yes, if Beter’s testimony is accurate there is NO gold in Fort Knox and the American public have been hood-winked. Here is an important notion to consider America: The US Federal Reserve (though only Federal in name — it is a private non-government agency) claims in 2020 to have ZERO gold. Just the same, the US Treasury in 2020 claims they have no gold. That means the US currency traded at all stores, shops, circulating in the pockets of the American people, has ZERO value? Well, in regard to gold or silver, yes, that statement would be true. Some would call it a FIAT currency. Why abolish the gold standard? Because there IS NO GOLD RESERVE, PERIOD! In 2020 America is in a $26 Trillion dollar Federal debt and it has NO treasury to pay it down. So, WHO… there’s that “who” again… WHO is it in debt to?

I heard Donald address small crowds at Trump National Doral in 2015 as an “Independent” politically. I took my then girlfriend, a woman of Indian (Asia) ancestry, American born in Augusta, Georgia. She was a resident at University of Miami Medical School. Trump garnered the interest of ALL ethnicities and races. His movement grew and he later ran for president on the Republican ticket. Yes, this woman, girlfriend of mine, was a “minority”. Non-caucasian, non-white. And, so was my ex-wife. I was married to a Mexican woman. yet, Trump supporters, like me, are racist. As a neutral political conservative thinker, I applauded Trump’s stance as an Independent. I will get back to Trump Doral a bit later as it re-enters my work in 2020. Again, I host the weekly online radio talk show: Discussions of Truth. The program can be heard typically on Wednesdays at 5pmEST. Select re-cast episodes stream 24/7.

US President Donald J Trump — Tiffany Trump — Ian Trottier

Why has the Trump Presidency seen such immense challenges… culminating to current moment, a debacle in outcome of Nov 3 national voting. Still rife with turmoil today: Sunday, November 15. Because he has and is a TARGET. A target by those that oppose his motivation to make America independently GREAT again? I argue, to make it truly independent once and for all. Simple search query for you: “George Washington owned shares in the Bank of England during the American Revolution.”

For a few years now I have been writing about Dr. Antony Sutton, a former Stanford Hoover Fellow. He spoke to a political subcommittee in Miami Beach in 1972. See an early article of mine here that describes how I was led from researching ZIKA, to what I accuse to be a corrupt banking organization in the United States led via the Rockefeller Foundation and of course, I circle back to Dr. Sutton’s research and claims. Ala Yale University and the Skull and Bones Society. Read “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Iserbyt. Again, I digress. Either way, do please read this article I wrote as it describes my finding:

After the 1972 delivery in Miami Beach, Sutton was reprimanded upon return to Palo Alto for linking Wall Street to the perpetual build-up of the Soviet Union starting with the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, more or less hinging on, post-WW1. Disclosed by Sutton’s research are other important items to the health of the American Republic, such as the fact that under leadership of Prescott Bush, yes the father and grandfather of 2 former US presidents, Union Bank financed Nazi Germany. Union Bank — yes, essentially, in most regard: Wall Street. The banks assets were seized by the United States government on October 20, 1942 during World War II under the U.S. Trading with the Enemy Act and Executive Order №9095. Prescott Bush was not only one of the banks 7 directors, he was a FOUNDING member.

International banking hinges its profit making on wars and creating wars. Controlling geographic natural resources has been the greed that drives man’s hunger to feed himself and control masses. That ugly head surfaces itself in form of the cheapest labor known to man: slavery. 2020 is no stranger to it. Regardless of what the marxist BLM movement may have you think. Biden seems to be a puppet of the communistic globalist agenda. Same goes for the meshed BLM/ANTIFA revolutionary movements. Hence, the millions of American-Latinos (ie: from countries like Cuba and Venezuela) that are INCREDIBLY opposed to the current DNC and BLM/ANTIFA statue removal/defunding of police departments/ history deleting “peaceful” movements. These people are ANYTHING but peaceful. Keeping the weak subservient is the goal. Taking away your rights — makes you weaker and thus a subservient sheep. Caution as you walk blindly to your slaughter.

Now, let me get back to 1917 Europe. A wolf. Where? A world war. A war of the world. Rome has controlled Europe for a couple thousand years in form of religion. The word Catholic, itself, means: universal.. or “embracing all things”. Ok, not to distract you. Get back to the money. Yes, banking. Right. Yes, thank you Ian. Follow the money. How large the profit margin, says he who controls that global WORLD conflict! Imagine such ingenuity!! For instance, if I funded both Spain and England at the heights of their empirical reigns, regardless of the difference in language — I own them on a common thread… right? Religion. Taxes or tithes — they pay me both. Coincidence? Very little in life when it comes to global government and war, is. Now. Per testimony of Dr. Sutton, such clever planning, in as much, in that very way, is done so by: applying the Hegelian Dialectic to conflict. German philosophy. Read that again if you need. Its well worth it to do so. Whereas, as a neutral banker (ie: based in the typically political neutral Switzerland), you will thus fund BOTH SIDES of a conflict. Even if that means you finance both friend and foe. And if you design your war with such caution, your chess pawns will busy themselves fighting and killing each other and bloodying a land that is more or less irrelevant to your momental well-being. As the hidden strings disguise your neutral whereabouts geographically. And if you’ve designed your safety well enough… it is a war-crime or be it, contrary to rules of engagement to even consider your geographic location as any type of hazard to either of the war armies. For you CONTROL and FUND both/all of the military regimes. Step now outside of Switzerland and into the sovereign neutral land of The VATICAN. Take a breath now and consider your current state of (well) being. Is your god conflict neutral?

Let the concept sink into your psyche for a moment. If your bottom line is simply making money — you set aside all morality. You set aside all values. You set aside any constitutional value. And in case of Prescott Bush, you set aside your very own Republic. Excuse me, Union Bank. What measures would you take to control the world if you could?

Read this article by Anton Chaitkin: — it will give you a new look on the role the Bank of England played in pawning Prescott Bush and the Republic from which he stood. And yes, thats the SAME Bank of England I mention in context with George Washington.

Does the famous 1991 speech by George H.W. Bush where he mentions a “New World Order”, ring a bell? Flip over a US dollar bill (note). There you’ll see the phrase itself: Novus Ordo Seclorum. Only thats the Latin version. So ask yourself, why does a Latin phrase appear on the currency of an English speaking country? Because, make no mistake about it, all financial roads lead to Rome. And on that road you travel, go through the City of London (Corp of London — where the Bank of England is housed) then through the Swiss mountains. That article above by Anton will wet your understanding.

As you read my past articles here on Medium, you will see how I equate economics to technology. So what is or are the parallels to a communist, Marxist type of government to a central banking architecture? That is where the title of this article comes into play, in that the product is the concept Fin-Tech or Financial Technology. One could contest that central banking IS communism. And if I take away your gold-standard, as Nixon allowed in 1971, then I completely de-value your currency and make it worthless. If I can then move your transactions to a digital format and do so by making your physical being and energy the new gold standard — then I make you a slave into and unto yourself and country… or rather banking system that controls your country.

So, Trump National Doral, October 2020. I flew into town for a conference called AmpFest. Such speakers as Dr. Simone Gold, RFK Jr, Kristi Noem, Dinesh D’Sousa and Matt Gaetz were scheduled to appear. At that conference, I met up with two former guests on my program. One a “whistleblower” for Google. His employment with the company led this person to conduct a fundraiser for a lawsuit that has drawn attention to the company and, in general, Big Tech censorship. A good thing? Depends how one looks at it. But certainly censorship of any free speech, free expression or free thought, is un-constitutional and therefore, illegal in the United States of America.

Ian Trottier — Kristi Noem

Through my efforts of the two weeks that followed the AmpFest conference, the whistleblower and I were led to the presence of US President Donald Trump and his daughter. Location: Trump National Doral. Oct 15. Why was I so passionate about drawing as much attention to the President about this whistleblower? Fin-Tech. A few words back, I just drew a parallel to digital currency and communism. A main cog to that wheel, in my view, is through censorship over “the masses”. Teaching, instructing and telling YOU how to think. Something identified via this former computer engineer with Google as: “Machine Learning Fairness”. Folks, YOU become the product. You become enslaved. The information you input into the system becomes the gold-value. There is a saying, as I understand, in Silicon Valley: if the product is free, YOU are the product. In other words, if you are not paying for it — you become the product. See Forbes. Now search for Microsoft cryptocurrency patent: WO2020060606 which was awarded in February of 2020, if I recall correctly and runs (mines) off of human energy. “Microsoft says energy collected from human beings could create efficient mining systems” —

My efforts in October, in Miami, led me to various engagements to exploit the whistleblowing, which for the past year hadn’t gained much of any traction, to various high-functioning engagements in South Florida. That included private gatherings with well connected individuals including Pam Bondi and former guest on my program Autry Pruitt of New Journey Pac. However, perhaps the most effective event came in form of a dinner at Mar-a-Lago where I got Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to privately say: “We must dismantle Google”.

Ron DeSantis — Ian Trottier

Folks. This IS about saving our Republic. This IS about saving our Constitution. This IS about making America Great. But, most importantly it is about making her independent. Truly financially independent for the first time, perhaps in her history but definitely since the battles of President Andrew Jackson (D) — who fought to destroy these international banking schemes. Yes, Abraham Lincoln. Yes, JFK. These great men lost their lives trying to make America financially independent. Yes, as long as we allow the 1913 Federal Reserve Act to stand, we are all, regardless of religion, race, language, color, creed, ethnicity; we are ALL enslaved to this master-minded financial system that is actively controlling the reigns of our beloved USA. We are a divided country. We are a largely BLIND country. I put very little hope that Joe Biden has any type of clue as to what he is truly dealing with. It is apparent to me that he is a puppet of the communistic globalists that aim to destroy America. The global order as pushed by hidden strings is a welcoming and good thing to people of this type of thinking (ie: Kamala Harris). They do not see what is truly at stake in America. They do not see the erosion of Liberty’s rights. They do not see the freedoms being taken. They see the power of money. Technocracy. They see an alignment to that global system as building their family wealth. They don’t see the small entrepreneur as the means to help make the world-go-round. They see the large mega-corporations as the means to global peace. They are confused in their own blindness. Regardless of your political affiliation, you must stand for American freedom. It is greater than any that has EVER stood for man. You must see past any type of aisle divide and fight for the inalienable right to all man’s natural life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. If Trump is un-successful, that is IF he is not a puppet of the globalists, as I contest that he is NOT… IF his campaign is un-successful in proving what I have good reason to believe is clear voter fraud and 2020 election manipulation (see this 1976 article as an example), than that means YOU… YOU are America’s ONLY ANSWER and you must ACT NOW to save her and avoid the globalist agenda of a technocratically based FINANCIAL RESET!!!

oh… and take OFF your masks.