2023 - American Reparations

American Reparations. 

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2023 American Reparations - America’s quest to balance societal norms and cultural inequalities, calls for “qualifying” descendants of the trans-Atlantic African slave trade, to be reimbursed by government for financial losses incurred due to decades of “racist policies” and “discrimination”.  I contest that the slave-trade, itself, was not American and was a forced reflective element of the debt-based banking system Washington's DC based government of 1776 was coerced to accommodate - to pay for its supposed "independence".  Therefore, echoing the very dangers of Hamilton's European Central Banking system that many at time were opposed to - including Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.  Slavery was never an element of true American cultural fabric and was a forced economic operative by the European banks that held monopoly over America's economic freedom.  

One such leading organization seeking reparations as set out to equalize repercussions of said societal disparities is Eric McDonell (who was sent this article 2/28/2023) of San Francisco’s African American Reparations Advisory Committee. However, as much as main stream media would seem to impress upon viewers that racism is perhaps at its worse levels, rewinding history just a few years, shows that one such leading American (of African decent) asks for main stream media voices to cease impressing such national communal dichotomies:

In this June 14, 2006, 60 Minutes interview by Mike Wallace, Morgan Freeman clearly states his desdain for America's Black History month and calls it "ridiculous". 

I concurr with Freeman's remarks.  In as much as I can trace, nowhere in my Trottier (France and French-Canadian) or Hamilton (direct from Scotland) lineages to ever having owned "slaves".   I myself work my rear off to make ends meet and, with a $30T US Federal debt, I see all Americans (regardless of ancestry or racial make-up), as slaves to the un-Constitutional central banking system.   

One of my best friends from childhood is a black man of African ancestry.  The main reason I am a political activist, podcast host and author is due to my gay/Jew friend; and I have a number of "black",  Asian, Latino and other people that I call dear friends.  The beauty of America at its core is just that: being an umbrella for differences in heritage, culture, language and race.  In as such, We are all Americans.  I dont see the differences main stream media generates profit from by creating this viewer animosity.  

As a child typically embraces these types of differences openly and doesnt give them much thought, it's generally the corrupt education system and large corporate media outlets that impress these differences upon Americans to, again, generate profite off of viewer discord.  Division creates attention.  

So, where does the slave system come from?   

Lets first take a look at revolution.  War makes money.  Revolution creates war.  Division creates revolution.  Monopoly of economy creates centralization.  See article on: US Federal Reserve.  

We saw such grass root societal machines of turmoil and disturbance recently in the way many Americans responded to groups such as ANTIFA and BLM.  Completely different from the peaceful movements created by followers of Martin Luther King Jr.  Such organized machines of turmoil and disturbance can and do and did create what is known as a color revolution.  Often times distracting followers and those that engage from the root of the problem.  Economic monoploly being that root for America in 2023 and not racism.  

"Since Aristotle's time, the world has been shaken by thousands of rebellions. One political analyst, Harry Eckstein, counted 1,200 violent attempts to shatter old social and political structures between 1946 and 1959!

With so many examples to study, scholars today can tell us more about revolutions than Aristotle ever could. In 1964, one such scholar, Chalmers Johnson, grouped all revolutions into six different categories. The six include (1) jacqueries, (2) millenarian rebellions, (3) anarchistic rebellions, (4) Jacobin-Communist revolutions, (5) coups d'etat, and (6) militarized mass insurrections. Reading about them will help you understand why revolutions happen, why some succeed, and why most fail."

-Jonathan Rose.  May 4, 1987.  Scholastic Update (Vol. 119).  Gale.com

So, as the George Soros funded machines of discord continue to fuel desparity within America's borders - lets take a look at this economic monopoly I speak of and trace it back to where the trans-Atlantic African slave trade began.  Surprise: it far predates Washington and 1776 America. 

Adopted from England, US economy and therefore law, is all based off of that of Rome.  That is fact.  So, where did this economic concept of slavery come from?  Something called a Roman Papal Bull.   Ill get into that in a moment.  Let me start here: The Vatican.  

The Vatican is a sovereign nation unto itself. It is its own country.  For over two millennia it has controlled, operated and ruled exclusively off of their interpretation of “God” - not yours.  That interpretation, known as “Church”, is administered, implemented and distributed around the world on a daily basis.  In that regard, it is the world's largest business.   Has America been a pawn to mindless and irrational wars to simply participate in someone else’s very profitable Holy War?  Have they been simply a slave to the global economic system that they depend on?  Or, has America been the clear aggressor and purposely imposed its will globally to broaden its war-chest and expand its Empire?  Think about what I’ve asked here for a moment as you consider the great melting pot of cultures, languages, ethnicities and histories America has fostered.  

All central banks feed into Basel, Switzerland and the Bank of International Settlements.  America, that includes yours.  Therefore, yes, you are not so independent as you may think.  

I feel safe in stating that nowhere else can be found in one book the connected presentation of the story leading up to the death of Abraham Lincoln, which was instigated by the “black” pope, the General of the Jesuit Order, camouflaged by the “white” pope, Pius IX, aided, abetted and financed by other “Divine Righters” of Europe, and finally consummate by the Roman Hierarchy, and their paid agents in this country and French Canada on “Good Friday” night, April 14, 1865, at Ford’s Theatre, Washington D.C.  -- (The Suppressed Truth About The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Burke McCarty, 1973, originally published in 1924). This excerpt taken from the book The Divine Province by James McBride and Ed Rychkun (2013). 

 So, pause. Take a breath. The human lifespan is short. We only live on average about 80 years? What does live on after all of us is, “God,” the planet, and in most cases a theology representing a belief system in how we all perceive and/or define reality and existence. Religion predates all of us and will post-date us as well. 

Discovering what governing body  has been elite at conquering lands and destroying nations from within, over many centuries, may result in a theological answer - that couples with theory. 

The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity.  It is seen on the British Union flag here.   You will see that it also has been built into the grounds of the Vatican (Square).  The cross appears on the Swiss flag, the first flag of the United States (US Grand Union Flag), on the Australian flag, English, Irish and Scottish flags and in fact, was seen on the US Confederate flag.  It is also seen on the flag of Greece, Denmark, Dominican Republic, the State of Florida, Sweden, Finland, Jamaica and many more.  The impression I make upon you is that you consider it to be a Roman symbol of conquest.  If not “geographically”, then economically.  Of course, just because a country not bear a cross on its ensign mean not that its government or banking system be not economically conquered by the Roman system.  It all depends on what element of the banking dynasty out of the Vatican that has financed the conquest. 

Let me give you a perspective. The Spanish conquistadores conquered most parts of The Americas or New World. They did so in the name of religion. This is fact.  Historically, I see not a single African country doing this.  In fact, one tribal organization in particular (ie: of "black" people) has fought against European colonialization for many years.  See the Balanta.   However, conquests and colonialization was also done on varying levels by the French, the Portuguese, the Italians, the Dutch and others. Yes, and the English - the language you read right now.  Most of these efforts were done in the name of and for a religion. That religion was (and still is) seated in Rome. The Vatican. A sovereign nation unto itself.  

Nonetheless, I contend that this religion or theology that lived before us and will outlive us all, is in modern day (as of the 1960’s) referred to as “Liberation Theology.”   Is the same tactic of liberation theology being appplied to create racial turmoil in America today?   Social concern for the poor and political liberation for the oppressed.  This spring comes from the fountain of The Second Vatican Council. The same organization that forced native Americans to accept its religion or face death.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing perhaps?  Sounds a bit like a tactic to create socialism because, it is.   The term may refer to a theology within the overall Catholic theology but it also may depict the underlining tone of that religion. 

In 1481, the Papal Bull known as Aeterni Regis, delivered by Pope Sixtus IV, set the stage for the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492 and the discovery of the “West Indies.” Think for a moment of the British East Indies Company (1600). Considered to be controlled primarily by a Rothschild - a known money manager of the Vatican. That’s beside the current point, but let me remind you that “the sun never set on the British Empire.” 

Enter now, the Papal Bull issued by Pope Alexander VI on May 4th of 1493, Inter Caetera. This bull granted the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella all lands “west and south” and it gave way for the declaration of the Treaty of Tordesillas that officially granted various “New World” lands to Spain and Portugal respectively. 

Among other works well pleasing to the Divine Majesty and cherished of our heart, this assuredly ranks highest, that in our times especially, the Catholic faith and the Christian religion be exalted and be everywhere increased and spread, that the health of souls be cared for and that barbarous nations be overthrown and brought to the faith itself... you should appoint to the aforesaid mainlands and islands worthy, God-fearing, learned, skilled, and experienced men, in order to instruct the aforesaid inhabitants and residents in the Catholic faith and train them in good morals. 

- - Papal Bull, Inter Caetera 

From my understanding, a certain Papal Bull promulgated on Sept 27, 1540 made much of the work of the Society of Jesus (“black” pope) possible. That is known as: Regimini militantis Ecclesiae. It would seem that, in one form or another, this remains an active military order within the Vatican. The Society of Jesus (IHS) was founded by militant, Ignatius of Loyola (University of Paris), September 27, 1540. Founder of Georgetown University, which sits next to Washington DC.  John Carrol, the first bishop and archbishop in the United States, joined the Society of Jesus at age 18.  The “Jesuits” as they are called, are considered to be a military order (non-violent) of the Roman Catholic Church as they take an oath to go anywhere and live under any condition. They are often referred to as “Gods Marines” and as stated on jesuits.org, part of their goal is: “in our education ministries, we seek to nurture ‘men and women for others’.”  Nurturing men ans women for others?  I’ll interpret that as shaping someone, in the name of God, into someone they may not necessarily want to be.  A bit like mandating an N95 mask to help protect your neighbor that is mandated to stand six feet away from you in a grocery line - after having put the carrots back in the produce section, that you bought, with fingers of the hand they wiped their nose with.  All to nurture your neighbor.  

Of interesting note, consider a religiously based militant order theoretically infiltrating or politically attacking a country’s societal structure from within. In stealth manner.  Whereas this may be the case of the societal norms that have been implemented and passed down generationally through the cultures that have sprange out of the areas that have made-up what we know as Washington DC.  Sure, it is possible. 

From land holding a farm southeast of what is now known as Georgetown, stems the nickname often given to DC, referred to as “Rome on the Potomac”.  Whereas,  as I write this, the first black woman has been nominated for the US Supreme Court.  This is a wonderful thing.  However,  Ketanji Brown Jackson, a Miami, FL  native, under oath states that she does not “quite remember the basis” for the Dred Scott US Supreme Court decision of 1857.   Eye opener?  In a highly charged racial environment which strives to bring equality to all, this would certainly be a good thing for anyone to understand. Regardless of gender or ethnicity.  Jackson has also stated that she is unaware that Georgetown Day School, a DC religious based private school where she serves on the board of Trustees,  is openly teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT).  This academic theory is indeed being taught at this institution and on a wide scale.  For a school that has produced the likes of men like Thurgood Marshall Jr, this would certainly be a good thing to know for a woman who sits on its Board of Trustees.  

Given the history of the Inquisition, when was the last time the Vatican produced a non-white Pope?   Or a female Pope, at that?  Just a couple of questions. 

Divide and conquer … in the name of God.  

Hey, regarding America’s first “black president”, did Barry ever provide an authentic birth certificate?   Wait, was Biden’s 2020 election rigged?  Ive even spoken to countless "black" folk that dont even see Obama as representing them, their ancestry and/or family.  Why?  Because he doesnt.   The only thing American in him outside of his education, upbringing and supposed birth, is his white mother.   If Americans become so censored that they can no longer openly ask honest and open questions such as these, America, you’re doomed.  Wait… that’s pretty much happening right now.  Yet, another reason, I write this article  

 Regarding the Virginia born, Dred Scott, Chief Roger Taney wrote the opinion on his case that people of African descent "are not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word 'citizens' in the Constitution, and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges which that instrument provides for and secures to citizens of the United States".  This, of course, is widely considered the most alarming, worst and disgusting decision to come of that court.  Human beings of all ethnicities, back grounds and skin hues are and should be treated equal.  

 The Roman Bulls to consider when looking at racially based slavery that came to New World (and United States) are these: 


1452 - Dum Diversas - papal authority to enslave ‘saracens, pagans and unbelievers.”

1454 - Romanus Pontifex - granting African slave trading monopoly to the Portuguese crown

1493 - Inter Caetera - gave rights to global conquest to Spain and Portugal (divided in half)


The trans-Atlantic slave trade has its roots in the early years following 1441 as a then, European-African enterprise.  It was then that under Henry the Navigator, the Portuguese seemed to have first arrived in Africa.  On their journey of discovery in this time period, with explorer Nuno Tristao, traders arrived to Bay of Arguin in the Cape Blanc (West Africa) vicinity.  It were during these first voyages that they met the  “Negroes” for the first time.  With this Bull of 1452 they received from their “highest authority”, the Holy See, the permission to enslave these people.  As history shows, and certainly if you are of African (slavery) decent, this repulsive and inhumane practice rooting in Dum Diversas became common place throughout the expansion of Western civilization. 


Good obedient missionary conquistadors. 

Georgetown Day School is an independent co-ed institution.  Brown Jackson has two degrees from the Protestant based Harvard.  Deliberate dumbing down? 

Interesting, isn’t it, how the United States stock market has gone up over the past many decades, while its collective Federal debt has simply sunk deeper and deeper. 


Back to liberation theology. 

Socialism as a success: The Paraguayan Reductions systems (1609 - 1767)


“Gold, Glory, God.”  This was the widely considered motto of the exploration, expansion and conquest mentality these European countries conducted their global power bidding under and for The Vatican (1400 - 1750).  

Similar to the missions of California (Baja), the basis for the development of the Paraguayan Reductions (missions) was done under the direction of the Jesuit order (1683-1834).  Of note here, is that the Baja California missions, under Spanish rule, expanded initially primarily upon a framework of the Jesuit Order - until they (Jesuits) were expelled from Spain (1768 by Carlos III).  This was somewhat different in California (Alta) as it was primarily the Franciscan Order under the lead of Friar (Ferrer), Junipero Serra OFM (Order of Friars Minor), that those missions were developed.  The first mission along this route in California along the Pacific Ocean, known as El Camino Real was San Diego, established July 16, 1769 and the last being San Francisco Solano July 4, 1823.  San Gabriel Arc’angel (Los Angeles) had been established September 8, 1771 and San Francisco de Asis (San Francisco) had been established October 9, 1776.  Again, under the Franciscan Order.  And speaking of gold.  The first gold discovery in California was in 1842 by Francisco Lopez, majordomo of Mission San Gabriel Arc’angel.  This 6 years prior to James Marshall’s discovery along the American River in Northern California at Coloma. Source: parks.ca.gov.  “Oak of the Golden Dream”

 A century and a half earlier, on the other side of the world, in 1609, Hernando Arias (1564–1645), Governor of Asunción, Paraguay and Bishop Reginaldo de Lizárraga (1535-1609) initiated Jesuit missions to be developed among the natives of this region of South America (eg: Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil). Under this direction, Jesuit provincial, Diego de Torres, the Jesuit who had been in Peru (1581) , began this chain of Jesuit missions. The argument here is that the Jesuit order had a far different governing model than other orders.  Referred to as “socialist theocracy” and “benign colonialism”.  Ill get into that in a moment.   But, of note: it is my understanding that the following distinction can be made between the three missionary orders I address here.  The Franciscans (1209) are typically known to be a simple and peaceful order focusing on working with the poor.  The Dominicans (1216) are known to focus on preaching and theological discussion.  While, the Jesuit Order (1540) focuses on conquest and implementing systems of education and social justice.  Their motto is: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God).  Where the Franciscans and Dominicans, to my understanding, typically live amongst themselves communally, the Jesuits live and integrate in open society. 


A quick relevant timeline to consider - as attack on history becomes a societal focal point: 

1492 - New World: Columbus discovered “Hispaniola” (Dominican Republic)

1507 -  “America” first appears on map by: 

German Martin Waldseemuller (cartographer) named for Italian Amerigo Verspucci (explorer) 

1513 - Florida - Ponce de Leon

1517 - Mexico: Hernan de Cordoba lands in Yucatan, Campeche (ships burned by Mayans)

1518 - Mexico: Hernan de Cortez - lands in Vera Cruz (begins Aztec conquest)

1525 - First trans-atlantic slave ship arrives from Sao Tome to Santo Domingo, Hispaniola (New Spain)

1528 - Venezuela: German colonies establish: “Little Venice” (Klein-Venedig)

1528 - Peru: Inca coastline discovered 

1537 - Paraguay: Asuncion founded 

1619 - First slave ship arrives to America (Hampton, VA aboard the White Lion)

1620 - Mayflower lands Plymouth Rock

1776 - American Decelaration of Independence

2023 - You reading this

Pay attention to the two years: 1525 and 1619.   Slavery was a continental phenomenon.   America as a country (USA) was far from formed.  The Spanish and Portuguese were trading these human beings from Africa with permission and directive from Rome.   The practice clearly adopted by the English sea merchants that delivered the first African American slaves to Virginia in 1619.   Note: at the same time in England the Mayflower was leaving the British Isle for reason of religious liberty.  What is the connection: again, Rome.   So, look at that timeline again.  What are some of the main constants over these centuries?  For example: English and Spanish / Portuguese and man's fight for freedom.  Not only slave and economic freedom but, religous freedom.  Not much has changed in 2023, ladies and gentlemen.  What predates all of these civiliations is Rome and the global economic system it has emposed throughout its existence under the name of religion.   

Economic roots of socialism.  Allow me to broaden the historical scope.  The Reductions of this South American region (initiated in Paraguay), aimed to geographically isolate and convert the natives to Christianity and its culture. Reduce their impact by conforming them to the European model.  Now approach it from an angle of land acquisition and conquest.  It was the main goal to gather these people, control them, for instance, onto reservations, or encampments; weaken their forces so as to make them ultimately undefendable.  Again, could religion be used as a means to simply exploit natural resources and obtain geographic control?  Yes.  Absolutely.  As was the case throughout America.  And, I make the argument, because I can (free-thinker here) that, Rome has encapsulated more successfully, within the past 2000 years (AD) than any other culture of man in the history of mankind (10,000 years before common era): the depiction, mathematics, terrestrial governance and understanding of something called astro-theology (theological interpretation of astronomy).  That, taking nothing away from anyone’s belief in God or religion.  That’s up to you.  

“From 1609 to 1767 the Jesuits governed a “socialist theocracy” in Paraguay. Never more than 200 Jesuits managed a Guaraní Indian population of up to 150,000 people in a network of over thirty-five “reductions” or missions dispersed over an area twice the size of France and encapsulated in the Spanish-Portuguese colonial system. In spite of external political adversity, war, and epidemics, the Jesuit state in Paraguay reached extraordinary levels of economic welfare, surpassing standards of living even of many European areas at the time.”

- Walter Nonneman. University of Antwerp. 2009. 

The point here is that these Reductions were and are a great example of the productivity of a designed,  implemented, established and functioning socialist community.    Of course, the retort to that is that the Jesuits established a form of governance that exploited and confined these peoples based solely and principaly off of their religion. Or as above referred to as socialist theocracy or benign colonialism.  A very productive method of control (government) simply depending on who you are, what your interest may be and which side you may align yourself. 

 Therefore, Christ, in said format and belief system, be the spiritual depository upon which man places all of his divine passion or emotion.  The governing body (state) or Reduction in this case,  or earthly representation of God (ie: Pope) then becomes the administrator of all his human liberties and godly bonds are therefore created out of desire.  Roman Empire.  In the name of God, Communism, becomes the intimate form of human conquest. ]

Lets be frank here.  If you are reading this and you are of African ancestry and your family and heritage struggles do represent that of slavery in America, how many generations can you trace your origins back?  Likely not many, if any, before that trade boat crossed the Atlantic.  My point is this: the real families/organizational structure you should be seeking reparations from dont reside in America.  Opinion: you should be more concerned about living freely in a society that separates Church from State than you should in trying to sink America further into its current slave condition - because, if anything youve read here that Ive written so far makes sense to you, you'll see that America itself, is a slave to this Roman central banking system.  Which makes you and me both, slaves to "their" system. 

Vatican Power Struggles - Three Popes

Today Pope Francis (“white” pope) is known to be the first Jesuit pope of Rome.  As stated above, this means he would represent both the theological head of the organization, whilst also representing the strategic head of the Catholic Church.  He was born in Argentina. The Jesuits are also known as:  “God’s Marines” or “The Company”.  They are officially led today by Superior General Arturo Sosa.  A Venezuelan by birth. He is considered to be the “black” pope.  Does this apparent contrast mean there is an internal power struggle within the Catholic Church? Quite possibly.  Whereas if these three figure heads do exists, an ensuing power struggle of theology, strategy and finance may very well be a reality in Rome.  So now, as to follow the money, let me briefly get into what I know about: the “grey” Pope.  This is thought to be a member of a banking family known as Orsini.  And it is at this point folks, where my understanding of the depth of the Deep State becomes murky.  

It appears that within the banking hierarchy of this ancient Roman theological institution, there are indeed monetary power struggles.  I will simply bring to light a few names that I know of that may have struggled for this power over the centuries.  

“… there’s another mystery. There are bank accounts in the name of Popes who died many, many years ago. When I discovered these I asked around my information sources in the Vatican but, its still a mystery.” 

Gianluigi Nuzzi - Italian reporter - 2015

 Considered to be founded in 1230, almost 800 years ago, the House of Medici is considered to have been the primary banking family underwriting the Italian Renaissance of the 15th/16th centuries and having pioneered much of what is considered modern banking.  Founded in Florence (Tuscany), this family has produced a number of prominent European leaders including 4 Popes: (Leo X, Clement VII, Leo XI, Pius IV) 

 House of Colonna having not produced the papal office power that Medici has, Colonna is known for their power fued with the Orsini. I will get into this House next.  Otto Colonna (Pope Martin V) served The Vatican from 1417 - 1431.  The family is known for producing many notable theological and political leaders including those of titles: Viceroy, Cardinal, Commissioner. 

Orsini family.  It is considered today that Pepe Orsini is in financial control of this historical institution and that it is this nobility (family) that heads what is considered to be the financial reigns of The Vatican.  Orsisni therefore controls the position of “grey” Pope.  Together the Colonna and Orsini are considered to be “Black Nobility.” This due to their support of the Papacy under Pope Pius IX which, led by the House of Savoy (1003-1946), entered Rome September 20, 1870 and overthrew The Vatican.  Taking control of the Quirinal Palace (House of the President of the Italian Republic - ie: Italian White House).  It has served as the residence for thirty Popes, four Kings of Italy and twelve Presidents of the Italian Republic.  The Black Nobility refers to any supporters of Pius XI ennobled by the Pope prior to the February 11, 1929 - Lateran Treaty.   The treaty answered what is known as The Roman Question and recognized the Vatican City as an independent state under the sovereignty of the Holy See.  It centralized power with the Roman Curia.  This is the central body through which the affairs of the Catholic Church are conducted. From Popes Pius IX to Pius XI, this power seems to have been centralized by confining the figure (crown) to The Vatican City for 59 years (1870-1929).  Of note: The Roman Question (“Quaestio Romana”) was a dispute regarding the temporal power of the popes as rulers of civil territory in the context of the Italian Risorgimento. This “resurgence” unified Italy into one single Kingdom (1848-1871). 

I would simple make brief historical note here for its global relevance: The First Vatican Council took place in 1869 (-1870) under Pope Pius IX.   While the Second Vatican Council took place starting in 1962 (-1965) under Pope John XXIII.  Pope Pius XII had take over Vatican City in 1939 after the death of Pius XI.  The previous council was Trent(1545–1563). 

Orsini has produced five popes: Stephen II (752-757), Paul I (757-767), Celestine III (1191–1198), Nicholas III (1277–1280),  and Benedict XIII (1724–1730). In addition, the family included 34 cardinals, numerous condottieri, and other significant political and religious figures.

Again: Papacy powers (from my understanding): White (theological), Black (militant or strategical) and Gray (financial).  A Holy Trinity, of sorts. 

 Other families that seem considered to have been or are currently inside this banking struggle for control of the Vatican are: Massimo, Ruspoli, Pallavicini, Theodoli, Sacchetti, Borghese, Odescalchi, Boncompagni-Ludovisi, Savelli, Caetani, Aldobrandini and Conti.

“The Jesuit General (The Black Pope) controls both the CIA and KGB through the American and Russian branches of the Knights of Malta.” 

 Eric John Phelps - “Vatican Assassins” - pg. 805 


But, my main point here is that historically, the one organization, more than any other known to modern man, that would have the organization, the resources, the sophistication and the economic power to infiltrate and destroy a country, would be that organization that comes out of the theological foundation that is produced through that which economically operates today out of, what I see to be, The Vatican.  This is simply my consideration.

More to the point is the consideration that the Swiss Pontifical Guard, created by Pope Julius II in 1506, which remains the personal “army” of the Vatican.  Its members are all soldiers of the Swiss Armed Forces.  Something else to consider is that the Bank of International Settlements is housed in Basel, Switzerland.  Not to mention the nuclear research institute CERN, “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucleaire,” is also located in Switzerland. Geneva. The birthplace of the world-wide-web. Perhaps theoretical but, given the landscape of digital and crypto currencies - I see an interesting thread.  Again, Tim Berners-Lee is accredited for creating the World-Wide-Web.  At CERN.  

 Internet.  Currency. Banking. Switzerland.  Color Revolution. Disfunction. Reparations. 

Reparations: instead of pointing your finger at America, point your finger at the system America adopted and those who control it today and who have controlled it since prior to 1776.  This is exactly why Ive listed these Papal Bulls and historical documents.  They indeed, are un-American.   I ask you to not focus your attention on financial compensation for hardship of what your ancestors may or may had to endure and instead identify the productive elements of healthy functioning society (like: free press, free speech, free religion, right to bare arms).