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Exposing the Global agenda to destroy America

Centuries of men and women, like yourself, have fought and lost their blood, lives, families, in the name of freedom and liberty. In 2021, mask and vaccine (and vaccine passport) mandates were a violation of said freedoms. Corruption in media, education and politics; censorship in all of the alike, are a gross example of the same. Cultural violations of harmony and respect, such as, political correctness (PC), Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, anti-Semitic or any type of radical suppression or expression of speech, is a violation of freedom and liberty.

Cohesive living is what America has obtained for now almost 250 years of US Constitutional living. Great men and women like MLK, Jr, JFK, Rosa Parks, John Lennon, have taught us through their music, politics and religious stands that said inalienable principles survive.

When a conventional group, a historical power, one that controls millions of people’s belief in "existence", "creation" and/or (as defined),“God”, their taxes and their tithes, is able to infiltrate a free society by controlling its economics; said society’s livelihood becomes jeopardized. Such is the case for America in 2021. It indeed is on the door step of peril and destruction. The Covid19 “pandemic” was/is being used as tool. Not only to wipe-out freedoms of America but, wipe-out freedom on a global scale by means of an economic enslavement known as The Great Reset.

Therefore, I provide and express to you, various research from scholars and others of and for academic publication; that support my claim that the United States Federal Reserve DOES NOT represent the best interest of the Republic for which the Constitution stands and therefore, not governed by the Federation. A deeper look into the banking mechanics, is immediately suggested by you, reader and I implore you to demand US Congressional resolution.  Now.  

Cross-examine and cross-check all and any of the following sources and please report inaccuracies.

I start with this phrase: “All Roads Lead to Rome”. There is good reason for this phrase and if you “follow the money” you will arrive at the same place.

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To begin: outside of the work of Dr. Sutton, I first direct readers to the following researchers.

Now, to the literature supporting the below information of Dr. Antony Sutton. Sutton delivered a speech in 1972 in Miami Beach for which he was later reprimanded by Palo Alto. He walked away from is fellowship at the Stanford Hoover Institute due to this censorship. My personal link (experience) to reading Sutton was from investigating Tetraethyl as a listed ingredient in Dibrom. A pesticide used in Miami Beach in 2016 to combat the ZIKA virus.

Key to all this is the Uganda Virus Research Institute (Africa), funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1936 — then known as the Yellow Fever Research Institute: Link. Find more information on coronavirus research through the decades (such as ZIKA), HIV research (via Dr. Judy Mikovitz) and Anthony Fauci’s work with Covid19. As a detour, consider this chronological listing of viral outbreaks compiled by the African based group, The Balanta: LINK

Follow the money and find the connection to the coming global digital currency. What should most alarm every American citizen this very second, in so much as they should be demanding an answer at every City Hall, every State Capital, every Federal Reserve Bank building and every government building across this land is: WHEN will this Federal debt be paid off? And who is it owed to? And if that statement resonates with you, the reader, I ask you to read the following article and immediately pass forward: link

Only if and until, you (reader) realize there is something drastically wrong with America and her banking system, you will simply consider literature and voices like mine and these to be “theory”. I tell you NOW, there is NO THEORY to the blatant and designed destruction of the United States. America is UNDER ATTACK. The USA is being DISMANTLED. This is a blatant CONSPIRACY happening right in front of your eyes! You will either relinquish your freedoms and liberties in the guise of being “saved” (from a mostly non-threatening virus, in 2021) or you will awaken your senses, alert your neighbor, defend and fight for them and demand your country… that is your freedom, justice and liberty for you an all.

Please note: scroll to the BOTTOM of this list and find a collection of YouTube videos that I recommend watching immediately.


Antony Cyril Sutton — Stanford Hoover Institute (1968–1973):

Dr. Sutton’s work is of much of the premise upon which Discussions of Truth is built.

For Sutton’s Yale connection, listen to: Charlotte Iserbyt

British born (1925), Antony became a naturalized American citizen (1962). An economist, historian and author. Having studied at the universities of London, Göttingen, Germany, and California; he received his D.Sc. (Doctorate of Science) from the University of Southampton, England. In his career Sutton received an economics professorship at California State University, Los Angeles and later a research fellowship at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace — before becoming an independent writer/researcher and later publishing with Trine Day. This initially was in large part a result of information divulged on Miami Beach in 1972 (see link below).

1972 Testimony. Antony Sutton. Republican Subcommittee VII.  Miami Beach, FL.  August 15, 1972.  LINK

Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1917-1930 - Antony Sutton.  LINK

Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1930-1945 - Antony Sutton. LINK

Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1945-1965 - Antony Sutton. LINK

National Suicide: Military Aide to The Soviet Union - Antony Sutton, 1973: LINK

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The Best Enemy Money Can Buy -  Antony Sutton, 2000: LINK

Fleshing Out Skull and Bones - Antony Sutton / Kris Millegan, et al, 2002: LINK

THE JESUIT CONNECTION - literary compilation 

Other books and links to interest you:

Meno - Plato, 402 BC (as translated by Lee Perlman, MIT, 2016): LINK

Politics - Aristotle, 350 BC (as translated by Benjamin Jowett, Oxford, 1885): LINK (I) LINK (II)

Plutarch: The Age of Alexander (356-323 BC) - John Dryden, 1631: LINK

William Charter - King William I (Conqueror) prior to entrance, City of London Corporation - 1067: LINK

King John I: Concession Of England To The Pope. 1213: LINK

The papal bull annulling Magna Carta - Pope Innocent III, 24 August 1215: LINK

Imitation of Christ - Tomas a Kempis, 1418: LINK

Foxe's Book of Martyrs (Actes and Monuments) - John Foxe, 1563: LINK

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Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 - LINK

The Paris Peace Treaty - Yale Law School, 1783: LINK 

Contract between the King and the Thirteen United States of North America - Yale, 25 February 1783: LINK

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Other: : LINK


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The Covid19 Chronology they are NOT showing you - Balanta Org. 2020  :LINK

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Resources of interest:

Open Secrets - Following the money in politics: Washington, DC: LINK

Action 4 Canada - Senator Contact List (posted 2022): LINK

World Council of Churches:  LINK 


US House of Representatives - Ali Fulling (IAVM), 2020: LINK


A history of the Middle East explained via maps:  LINK

Disease Outbreak Map - LINK

THE JESUIT CONNECTION - literary compilation 


as with all and any information and/or source, check, cross-examine and cross-reference validity and accuracy