New Frontier in Tech — your body

Ian Trottier

Aug 11, 2020·7 min read

This is an opinion piece.

Technocracy is a movement that began in the 1930’s. Traced to Hamilton Hall at Columbia University and the early days of work being done in conjunction with IBM. Link:

We can back track to earlier days (1915) to the first trans-continental telephone call being placed at Jekyll Island, Georgia to New York and over to San Francisco (333 Grant Avenue). Conducted by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Watson.

The 1930’s saw the rise of technology that would make Hewlett-Packard a “pioneer” in the Silicon Valley technology industry. The audio oscillator: HP200A — 8 of them later purchased by Walt Disney for the making of Fantasia. Within the next couple decades the valley name took shape as germanium became an effective and dominant ingredient in transistor and semiconductor devices. However it was actually a ship-to-shore telegraph transmitter on board a returning US Naval ship from the Philippines into the Golden Gate (1899) that the SFBA generally roots itself in the development being known as a hub for modern technology — as a message was sent from ship at sea to land (San Francisco).

This California history is really neither “here-nor-there” in regards to my view of where technology may take shape over the next few decades and or what geographic location on the planet will influence or be receptive in influence of and to those advancements. Whether NY, Boston, SF, Austin, Seattle or Geneva — what is most important is that as a human being, one’s personal, inalienable rights are upheld and honored. Those rights, in 2020, are more than ever infringed upon.

So let me get to some opinion now. Regarding the Covid19 pandemic, I personally am opposed to a mask mandate and most certainly opposed to any proposed vaccine mandate.

Having studied Dr Antony Sutton (former Stanford Hoover Fellow), having written a book: Freedom Reserved: NO MORE LIES (publication byTrine Day, due out October 2020) and having conducted a weekly online radio program now since 2017; I have garnered enough information to say that banking, the international banking system and most importantly the private central banking system of the US Federal Reserve, in the US, and concerning Americans; is likely the most threatening institution(s) to liberty and justice on the planet. A “New World Order” is effectively taking shape through the tentacles that reach through this private and tyrannic global (ie: pandemic) system of debt and economic slavery. How does this permeate technology? Likely the concept of technocracy: “the government of control of society by an elite of technical experts”. Are we seeing this today by examples of censorship via Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook, et al? Yes. Absolutely. And this infringement on “free media” will only worsen / strengthen.

Are we allowing yourselves to become slaves to a now internet based micro-soft reality (large computer software developed for the individual user) to a micro-chipped society. A society where we are all connected to one another via satellite, telephone cables etc etc — not by computer or iPhone but by micro-chips implanted under skin? See Aaron Russo. Where would the more ethical Steve Jobs’ view stand on this?

Americans more than ever must now unite, see past political divides, and agree to disagree. Your freedoms are being erased — if you can still see them. Likely you’re too brainwashed.

We can start with the Rockefeller and Microsoft backed ID2020 and quickly move to the Microsoft patent W020200606006 — a crypto currency technology to run via micr-chips connected to the human body. Studies out of MIT in conjunction with DARPA and QualComm are already working to sync the human brain to the 6G cloud network. What comes after Smartphones? 2016. This is old news. Link: We are beyond google glasses. This is why I urge you to reconsider placing that mask over your face next time you walk out into public. Is it really protecting you from a coronavirus or is it simply a portrayal of how social and mass media have conditioned you to think and live in fear. Are you so fearful that you wear your mask while youre alone in your own bathroom or office?

Read to see the research I concluded after being exposed to the nuero-toxin called NALED in Miami Beach. As that was an invasion of airspace — a mandatory mask over your facial orifices is a complete invasion of your right to breath oxygen.

A mandatory mask measure implemented by your local or state government is tyranny. You need to stand up to it now. Any civilian wearing a mask on their own merits is freedom. Wear goggles, wear a hazmat suit — their choice. However, how dare you even attempt to mandate that fear on others. Reality 2020 — many have.

The mask mandate is a precursor to a vaccine mandate. Make no mistake about it. What is in the vaccine? Why is it being rushed to market when this version (Covid19) of a coronavirus is seemingly no more threatening than the common flu by many reports. For instance from the CDC:

“The major red flag is how governments are allowing big pharma to rush experimental vaccines, with no legal recourse if something goes terribly wrong.” Make no mistake about it — your government is protecting big pharma and will NOT defend you should a vaccine injure you. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT.

Your bigger concern should be a military being deployed to forcefully administer, by mandate, a vaccine to you. Link:

Why is Bill Gates, a computer engineer by trade, calling for all 7+ billion people on the planet to be vaccinated? Does he personally feel threatened by a relatively benign virus? There are more people that die from hunger on a daily basis than do via Covid19. Whether a reputable source of statistics or not, those numbers are here: Or is it that Gates’ rapidly increasing net wealth which has almost DOUBLED since he became a “philanthropist”, will only continue to skyrocket if all members of the species are vaccinated. Does he stand to profit from a Microsoft cryptocurrency that would be attached via ID2020 or via a microchip in a vaccine administered mandatorily? I would and do argue that yes, he certainly may and will.

We are basically looking at an economy who’s currency is at moment administered via paper bills and coins. This is under attack and will likely become obsolete in the short future unless folks take their own stand. The central banking objective? To run a digital currency world wide under the umbrella of a New World economic “RESET”. Watch:

Essentially we are looking at a man-to-machine moment of growth to control your future debt being. Welcome to the future. You have arrived. This 2020 “pandemic” is most about global economic control and NOT about a genuine health risk to you and your family. Again, read

Dr. Peter Beter in the early 1970’s began speaking out about “missing gold” in Ft. Knox. He clearly mentions that he felt Nelson Rockefeller hijacked and sold the gold to the IMF. UN donated on land given by the Rockefeller. 1912 JD and Standard Oil brought up on anti-trust suits. Connect dots if you like. What most Americans dont realize is that the Rockefeller Foundation retained majority ownership of all the smaller companies that came from that break-up (ie: Exxon, Chevron…) WW1 and WW2 theaters proceeded and in the middle of that came the arrival of the influential Wall Street political think tank, the Council on Foreign Affairs (a group that greatly influences the way politics, media, education and the American military are all ran). While Im thinking Rockefeller, let me mention the Tri-lateral Commission of 1973.

So, let me segue to another alarm that may sound for you.

“Public and private US intelligence agencies associated with the Rockefeller faction now control virtually all manufacturing of voting equipment in the USA…” — 1976

Ok, regaining focus back to economics. Nixon abolished the gold standard in 1971. Why hasn’t the US dollar, based on the economic conduct of a country with a current $26 trillion federal debt, returned to a precious metal standard? Is silver the reason JFK was assassinated? Should you care? If you don’t want to be vaccinated — you, yes, should.

The creation of the US Federal Reserve in 1913 was done by a suspicious act of congress. Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution calls for Congress to coin currency. That was changed in 1913 and power given to the Fed Reserve. Yet it is never audited — nor is Ft. Knox. The Fed says they have no gold. The US Treasury claims the same. So, where’s your actual worth America? As many of you loot and riot and waste time in the name of various movements that tare down the country that protects you — I urge you to look at the real root of why you are looting and rioting… because you, just as the entire population of the USA, are all economic debt slaves to the tyrannic central banking system that blinds you and literally is suffocating the many of you.

How many shares of the Federal Reserve does Bill Gates own? How many do the Rothschild empire own? How many does Donald Trump own? One would never know as this institution is private and not audited. Yet it controls the way your country lives and does business. Just like an investment firm does over a corporation.

Your current concern: that a micro-chip be implanted in that mandatory vaccine that aims to “help” you. Will it only allow someone else control over you? Herd-immunity or herd-control. The choice is yours America. Think wisely and act smarter. Justice, freedom and liberty are quickly being removed from your world.

Allow yourselves to be vaccinated and welcome yourself to tech’s new frontier: your body.